Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The DSP versus Hyunjoo saga continues. This week Hyunjoo’s brother was cleared of defamation charges. DSP is refuting the results of the investigation.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Pink Fantasy showed off their dark side in “Poison.”
  • A.C.E. returned with “Higher.” Our MV and album reviews will be out soon!
  • Yezi danced in the shadows in “Secreto.”
  • KittyB went vintage for “Let’s Get Lost.”
  • Sam Kim delivered a summer bop with “The Juice.”
  • Stray Kids shared the MV for “OH.”
    • Hyunjin will participate in Stray Kids activities from July.
  • Ahead of their repackage Hello Future, NCT Dream shared “Life is Still Going on.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Loona previewed their June 28 album &.
  • The MV teaser is out for 2pm‘s “Must,” also due out on the 28th.
  • Han Songwoo‘s (Victon) solo Fade looks to be a somber affair.
  • In contrast, Drippin‘s “Free Pass” promises summer fun. The MV will be released on June 29.
  • Epik High will release their first digital single, “Rain Song” on June 29.
  • OmegaX are all set to debut on June 30 with “Vamos.”
  • JustB will also debut with Just Burn on the same day.
  • BDC teased their next MV, “Moon Light.”
  • Brave Girls will release an MV for “Pool Party” on July 1.
  • Alexa will also return with “Reviver” on July 1.
  • CIX will release the special track “Tesseract” (penned by Pentagon‘s Hui) on July 1.
  • Loco and Lee Sung Kyung will sing about “Love” as part of Dingo Music‘s Duet Mate Project. The MV will be released on July 4.
  • Day6 have started to share concept images for their July 5 release, Right Through Me.
  • Concept photos are also out for Kyuhyun‘s single, “Together.”
  • SF9 will return with Turn Over and the title track “Tear Drop” on July 5.
  • DIA‘s Yebin will make her solo debut with “Yes I Know” on July 7.
  • BTS will release a physical version of “Butter” plus a new track on July 9.
  • Exo‘s D.O. is planning a solo debut in July.
  • Twice announced an English single for some time in September.

Other News

  • Infinite‘s Sungyu tested positive for COVID 19. He is asymptomatic.
  • Lovelyz‘s Jisoo also tested positive.

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