Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • JTBC released a lengthy statement addressing accusations of historical misrepresentation in the upcoming drama, Snowdrop. The defenses centered around the misunderstanding that the drama is about the student protests of the 1980’s, with JTBC clarifying that the drama does not deal with the democratization movement.
  • Bully scandal updates:
    • Shim Eun-woo admitted to past bullying and offered an apology.
    • The acquittance who accused the BoyzSunwoo of bullying took back his statement and apologized.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Winner‘s Kang Seung Yoon shared his bittersweet journey to stardom in “IYAH.” Check out our review.
  • Baekhyun returned with gyrations galore and questionable hats in “Bambi.”
    • The Exo member also announced he will serve through public service due to his hypothyroidism.
  • DKB went “All In” in their latest MV.
  • NTX released a ballad and performance version of “Kiss the World.”
  • Park Bom‘s “Do Re Mi Fa Sol” impressed our reviewer with it’s earnestness.
  • WJSN returned with a more sultry sound in “Unnatural.”
  • Seventeen‘s Hoshi released his own mixtape and the MV for “Spider.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • SM is making up for the short notice of Wendy‘s April 5 solo Like Water with a flurry of teasers, including two MV teasers.
  • Rose‘s B-side “Gone” will have it’s own MV release on April 5.
  • Astro‘s “One” MV teaser hints at a darker concept for the group. The MV will be out on April 5.
  • D-Crunch will release Daydream on the same day.
  • Lee Jinkyuk shared an thumbnail teaser for his April 5 mini, Scene26.
  • Chanyeol‘s SM Station track “Tomorrow” is set for release April 6.
    • This follows his military enlistment earlier this week.
  • The concept teasers for LunaSolar‘s “Dadada” show off the group’s visuals. The MV will be released on April 7.
  • Kim Jaehwan shared a pre-release track ahead of his April 7 mini, Change.
  • Concept photos are out for StayC‘s single album, Staydom, out on April 8.
  • Bae173 are sharing spoiler teasers ahead of their April 8 album Intersection: Trace.
  • Shinee will release a digital package Atlantis on April 12, followed by a physical album release on April 15.
  • Wheein will make her solo return on April 13 with Redd.
  • Also out on the thirteenth is Kyuhun‘s next installment of his 2021 Project, “Coffee.”
  • The highlight medley for Kang Daniel‘s Yellow hints at yet another dimension of his musicality.
  • P1Harmony revealed their April 20th album is titled Disharmony: Breakout along with member teaser photos.
  • ONF will return on April 28 with the repackage City of ONF.
  • SM confirmed a seven-member NCT comeback is forthcoming with a short teaser video.

Other News

  • HYBE (Big Hit) acquired Ithaca Holdings.
  • A Pink‘s Chorong will be taking legal action against a childhood friend who was threatening her will bullying accusations.
  • Too changed their name to To1, meaning Together as One.

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