Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


Yunho (TVXQ) | SM Entertainment
  • Conflicting reports have surfaced regarding Yunho‘s presence at a drinking establishment when it was raided by police after curfew hours. Initial reports claimed that the establishment was a VIP room salon that was illegally open after Seoul’s 10pm curfew. The report also added that Yunho’s friends attempted to distract the police while Yunho escaped. SM countered with a statement clarifying that while Yunho did violate curfew regulations, he cooperated with police upon their arrival. Yunho also apologized personally via Instagram. Further questions have been raised as to if the establishment in question was a room salon or a different kind of bar.
  • WM Entertainment revealed that they will pursue legal action against producer Tank for allegedly harassing Oh My Girl member — and his former classmate — Seunghee. His ongoing harassment culminated in the MV for “Suni” in which images of Seunghee were used.
  • Bully scandal updates:
    • Pledis released a statement saying that Mingyu and the former classmate who accused him of bullying have reached an agreement following Mingyu’s apologies for unintentionally causing harm. Mingyu will continue to promote with Seventeen.
    • Actor Jo Han-sun has been accused of past bullying and sexual harassment. His agency, Mystic Story, has denied the claims.
    • Similarly, Shim Eun-woo was accused of past bullying. Her agency stated that although some of her friends participated in delinquent activities, Shim was an upstanding student.
    • Jo Byeong-gu took to Instagram to address the accusations made against him and calling out his anonymous accusers for the way they have gone about talks with his agency.
  • International K-pop fans can rejoice: Spotify and Kakao M renewed their licensing agreement.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • BDC declared themselves “Moon Rider[s],” with impressive choreography to boot.
  • WayV upped the anti with “Kick Back.” Look out for our review!
  • Soyou shared the emotional, but uplifting MV for “Goodnight, My Love.”
  • Walking and smoldering made up the majority of Rain and Jackson Wang‘s “Magnetic” MV.
  • Ghost9 turned the city of “Seoul” into a cyberpunk adventure for their latest MV. Our review will be out soon.
  • DPR Ian‘s “Nerves” was an aesthetic and anxiety-ridden experience that pop punk fans of the late aughts will appreciate. Keep an eye out for our full review.
  • Punch‘s “I’m Jealous” made good use of a green-screen.
  • Baekhyun (Exo) and Doyoung (NCT) came together for a special cover of “Doll.”
  • Rose (Black Pink) made her solo debut with “On the Ground.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Purple Kiss released an MV teaser and highlight medley ahead of their March 15 debut with Into Violet.
  • The highlight medley is out for Woodz‘ March 15 single album, Set.
  • Pentagon will also return on the 15th with “Do or Not.” The first MV teaser is out.
  • My.st will release their first single album The Glow: Illusion on March 16. A short teaser for “Dazzle” has been released.
  • Mirae are ready to debut with the (appropriately) futuristic MV for “Killa.”
  • The highlight medley for Weeekly‘s We Play promises a handful of upbeat bops. The album drops on March 17.
  • IU‘s “Flu” will premiere on March 25.
  • The first teaser is out for Baekhyun’s March 30 comeback, Bambi.
  • Iz One will officially disband in April. Member Sakura will reportedly join Big Hit Entertainment, though her current representation says nothing has been confirmed.
  • 1Team also announced their disbandment after two years of activities.
  • Wendy (Red Velvet) will make her solo debut in April, according to SM Entertainment.

Other News

  • PD Ahn Joon-young and CP Kim Yong-bum will be serving two and one year jail sentences (respectively) for their role in the Produce 101 vote rigging scandal.
  • BTS took home Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite Music Group, Favorite Song (“Dynamite”), and Favorite Global Music Star.
  • To celebrate his birthday, BTS’ Suga donated 100 million won to the pediatric cancer unit at Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital.
  • Day6‘s Sungjin enlisted this week. Wishing him a safe service!

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