Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • B.A.P‘s Himchan has received a 10-month prison sentence for charges of indecent acts by compulsion. This comes along with an additional 40 hours of attendance of a sexual violence treatment programme. In 2018, his female acquaintance came forward to state that he had kissed and groped her without her consent.
  • There has been a plethora of school-bullying accusations this week. These include: (G)I-dle‘s Soojin and Soyeon, Kim Dong-hee, Kim So-hye, Seventeen‘s Mingyu, Park Hye-soo, Stray KidsHyunjin, The Boyz‘s Sunwoo, Loona‘s Chuu, Monsta X‘s Kihyun, Hyuna, and Everglow‘s Aisha.
    • All claims have been denied, with Kim So-hye, Kihyun, Mingyu, and Hyunjin’s respective agencies requesting further investigations.
    • Park Hye-soo’s alleged victims released a joint statement demanding further investigation after claims were denied.
    • The allegation against Chuu was revoked with the accuser claiming they had exaggerated details in frustration.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Shinee made a long-awaited comeback with “Don’t Call Me“. Stay tuned for our review!
  • Sunmi was sultry and sensual in her MV for “Tail“. See what our writer had to say about it here.
  • N.Flying‘s J.Don made his solo debut with “Clicker“.
  • ONF were captivating in “Beautiful Beautiful“. Check out our MV review here!
  • The members of Wei wanted “All Or Nothing” in their first comeback.
  • Golden Child strived for freedom and some space to “Breathe” in their latest MV.
  • Wonho returned with the groovy, thumping “Lose“.
  • CL paid tribute to her late mother in “Wish You Were Here“.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Ateez continue to gear up for the Mar 1 release of Zero: Fever Part 2.
  • Verivery are due for a Mar 2 release of Round 1: Hall.
  • Rain and Chungha are collaborating for “Why Don’t We“, out on Mar 3.
  • iKon‘s “Why Why Why” drops on Mar 3.
  • Mar 11 sees Ghost9‘s return with Now: Where We Are, Here.
  • Pentagon comes back with LOVE or TAKE on Mar 15.
  • Mar 15 also marks Woodz comeback with Set.
  • Weekly‘s We Play drops on Mar 17.
  • Jessi also makes her comeback on Mar 17, though further details are unknown.
  • IU‘s Bylac is due for a March release, though the exact date is yet to be released.

Other News

  • Earlier in the week, DJ Matthais Matuschik made racist comments on a German radio station, Bayern 3, likening BTS to a virus that he hoped to would find a vaccine soon. The insensitive comment, especially in current times, has gotten flack and multiple artists have come to BTS’ defence. These include Lauv, Halsey, and Max. Both the DJ and radio station have issued their own apologies.
  • Exo‘s Chanyeol will be enlisting next month.

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