Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The 35th Golden Disk awards were held this weekend, with IU taking home the digital daesang and BTS taking home the physical daesang.
  • The damages lawsuit against Jo Jae-hyun for alleged sexual assault in 2004 was found to be past the statute of limitations and thus ruled in his favor.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist of the week’s releases above!
  • Hong Eunki shared the sleek MV for “On and On.”
  • Jeong Sewoon returned with “In the Dark.” Our review of <24> Part 2 will be out soon!
  • MCND were playful in the MV for “Crush.” Our reviews will be out soon, as well as an exclusive interview!
  • A.C.E shared the MV for the Steve Aoki remix of “Fave Boys” featuring Thutmose.

Teasers & Announcements

  • G Idle will return with “I Burn (Hwaa)” on January 11. The MV teaser promises a nature theme.
  • The highlight medley is out for Victon‘s January 11 comeback, Voice: The Future is Now.
  • The MV teaser for Treasure’s “My Treasure” promises some fantastical fun. The First Step: Treasure Effect will also be out on the 11th.
  • Park Shin-hye will star in the MV for Dvwn‘s “Safe Flight,” due out on January 12.
  • RRR Entertainment is releasing lyric teasers for Yubin‘s digital single “Perfume,” set to be released on January 13.
  • Tablo shared the comeback schedule for Part 1 of Epik High‘s comeback with Epik High is Here.
  • SM is dropping Noir films ahead of Yunho‘s January 18 comeback.
  • Concept teasers are out for Cravity‘s Season 3 Hideout: Be Your Voice, due for release on January 19.
  • Oneus showed off sharp choreography in the teaser for their Devil comeback, “Intro: Devil is in the Details.”
  • Cherry Bullet will return with their first mini album Cherry Rush on January 20.
  • Saturday will return on January 20 with the single album, Only You.
  • Golden Child are scheduled to return on January 20 with the mini album, Yes.
  • Dreamcatcher have begun to release coded teasers for their comeback.
  • P Nation confirmed Hyuna will be making a comeback on January 28.
  • IU shared her plans to release a new song this month during her acceptance speech at the Golden Disk Awards.
  • Kim Myungsoo (Infinite) will release a track prior to his military enlistment at the end of February.
  • CIX will return in February with Hello: Chapter 0.
  • Tri.be have begun to release member images ahead of their debut.

Other News

  • Seohyun (SNSD) donated 100 million won worth of sanitary products to women in need.

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