Welcome to another edition of SB Week in ReviewHere’s all the news you might have missed over the past week: 


  • Following the controversy of Black Pink’s “Lovesick Girls” and the sexualised nurse outfit in it, YG Entertainment has announced that they will edit out the scenes featuring the uniform.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Wei made their debut with “Twilight“. Check out our album review!
  • Golden Child were ready to “Pump It Up” for their comeback.
  • WJSN Chocome, the group’s first sub-unit, debuted with “Hmph!
  • Taeyeon‘s younger sister, Hayeon, debuted with “Eyes on you“.
  • Monsta X‘s Jooheon has returned with “Smoky“.
  • The ladies of Weki Meki were “COOL” in their latest music video.
  • Kyuhyun‘s “Daystar” was a melancholic ballad, with the video featuring Yoo Yeon-seok.
  • Dawndididawn” marked Dawn‘s comeback, featuring Jessi.

Teasers & Announcements

  • NCT continues to generate hype for Resonance Pt 1 with music videos of b-tracks. The next one drops on Oct 12.
  • Pentagon makes their comeback with “Daisy” on Oct 12.
  • Weeekly‘s “Zig Zag” will be out on Oct 13.
  • Verivery will be returning with Face It on Oct 13.
  • Exo‘s Chen‘s makes a long-awaited return with “Hello” on Oct 15.
  • Kim Wooseok and Lee Eunsang will be releasing on “Memories” on Oct 14.
  • AkMu‘s Suhyun debuts as a solo act on Oct 16 with “Alien“.
  • B1A4‘s 4th album — Origine — is due for an Oct 19 release.
  • Seventeen‘s ; [Semicolon] will be released on Oct 19.
  • Loona‘s 12:00 drops on Oct 19 as well.
  • AleXa returns with “Decoherence” on Oct 21.
  • TXT is gearing up for their Oct 26 release of Minisode1: Blue Hour.
  • Monsta X’s Fatal Love releases on Nov 2.
  • Mamamoo will return with Travel on Nov 3.

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