Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Former AOA member Mina, who recently accused another (now-ex) member Jimin of bullying her for years, put up at least two worrying posts on Instagram this week, including images of self-harm and allusions to suicide.
    • After her post on August 8, her agency, Woori Actors, issued a statement to the effect that it had called emergency services and agency staff were also on the way to her house. Later, it was further stated that Mina was receiving treatment and her life was not in danger.
  • 2AM‘s Im Seulong was reported to have been in a car accident on August 1, when a car he was driving, hit a jaywalking pedestrian in his 50s. The pedestrian did not survive.
    • Police have confirmed that Im was not driving under the influence, but that they are investigating other possibilities such as speeding. It is said to have been raining at the time of the accident.
    • Im’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated that Im is in a state of shock, and apologized to the victim’s family and to fans.
  • Jellyfish’s artists continued to be in the news. In a surprise announcement, the agency revealed that Hongbin has left VIXX and his contract with them has been terminated. No further details have been provided as to why.
    • In February, Hongbin held a drunken live broadcast on Twitch, where he made several controversial comments about a few other idol groups’ songs and choreography. It is not immediately clear whether this controversy is related to his sudden departure from the group.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Kang Daniel made yet another compelling comeback with “Who U Are” and his new album Magenta.
  • (G)I-dle went crazy under the hot sun in “Dumdi Dumdi“.
  • 1Team were childish friends in “Ullaeli Kkoollaeli“. Read our review here.
  • Rocket Punch returned with a bright MV for “Juicy“, the title track to their latest album, Blue Punch. There’s got to be a punch/juice joke in here somewhere.
  • Cherry Bullet made the most out of summer, enjoying by the pool, playing tennis, and more, in a colorful MV for “Aloha Oe“.
  • Taemin was heartbroken in “2 Kids“, a prologue single for his upcoming album “Never Gonna Dance Again”. Read what our writer had to say about it, here.
  • B1A4‘s Sandeul returned with a gentle MV for “Summer Day Summer Night“. He is said to have participated in composing and writing all the songs on his new album, My Little Thought Ep. 01.
  • YG Entertainment‘s newest boygroup Treasure finally made a debut with “Boy“. As expected with YG, the group’s discography is already in jeopardy — the boys debuted ~18 months after the line up was announced and have been given just this one single album.
  • The boys of Enoi asked “W.A.Y (Where Are You)” in an aesthetically pleasing MV.
  • 1THE9 said goodbye to fans with “Count“. The nine member boygroup was formed at the conclusion of the MBC survival show Under Nineteen, and has now reached the end of its contract.

Teasers & Announcements

  • ONF are ready to blow your mind (literally, there are guns in the cinematic MV trailer above) with Spin-off on August 10.
  • Victon and X1‘s Han Seungwoo is similarly ready for Fame on August 10. The MV teaser for “Sacrifice” sounds pretty good!
  • JYP‘s big boss Park Jinyoung returns on August 12 with “When We Disco” featuring Sunmi.
  • The avengers of K-pop, SuperM will be returning sometime later this month with Super One. The project will kick off with two pre-release singles, the first of which, “100”, premiers on August 14. Fans have rightly observed that the group’s layout and posters make it look like a car brand now.
  • Brave Girls will be making a comeback on August 14.
  • Dreamcatcher‘s Dystopia : Lose Myself, scheduled for August 17, will have 6 songs.
  • The title track for Oneus‘s August 19 comeback, Lived, is called “To Be Or Not To Be“. Watch a theatrical trailer to the release here.
  • Hyolyn announced the release of a second mini album, Say My Name, scheduled for August 19.
  • Rookies Cravity return on August 24 with Season 2 – Hideout: The New Day We Step Into. What a mouthful.
  • Kim Yohan of X1 fame, will be releasing a solo song on August 25.
  • Wonho, who parted ways with Monsta X and Starship Entertainment amidst much controversy last year, will now be debuting as a soloist with his first mini album, Love Synonym, on September 4. He is now with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Starship.
  • Looks like MCND are preparing for their summer return.

Other News

  • Girlgroup Busters is being re-organised. Members Jisoo, Yeseo, and Chaeyeon will no longer promote as singers, and focus instead on acting and other broadcast activities. The promotions thus far will be called ‘Beta Busters’. The remaining members, Minji, Jieun, and Takara will be joined by a new foreign member to begin promotions as “Power Busters”.
    • The group debuted on November 27, 2017, and has already seen multiple lineup changes in its early years.

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