Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • CEO of Pledis Entertainment, Han Sung-soo, is suspected of unfairly profiting from Iz*One‘s releases by using his wife’s name in song writing credits and thus receiving royalties. He has apologized for his actions, stating he used his wife’s name in order to receive credit for his part in producing the songs.
  • Big Hit has officially acquired Pledis Entertainment by becoming the largest shareholder in the company.
  • Yang Hyun-suk is once again under investigation for his role in covering up scandals regarding YG.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Be sure to check out our playlist of all the weeks releases above!
  • Minzy reassured in “Lovely.”
  • DKB came back with “Still.”
  • Baekhyun showed off a his playful side with “Candy.”
  • Kim Wooseok made his solo debut with the extravagantly sensual MV for “Red Moon.” Check out our review here!
  • To celebrate their fifth anniversary debut, Seventeen shared an MV for “Snap Shoot.”
  • Monsta X‘s “Fantasia” was… a lot, both sonic and visually. Look forward to our review soon!
  • Onewe released the timely MV for “End of Spring.”
  • Park Jihoon was colorful in “Wing.”
  • Blackpink teamed up with Lady Gaga for “Sour Candy.” What do you think of the collab?
  • Moonbyul shared the performance MV for “Absence.”
  • Woolim artists came together for “Replay.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Twice will be back on June 1 with More & More!
  • Exo Lay‘s “Lit” looks very cinematic.
  • N.Flying shared the melody spoiler for their June 10 release, “Oh, really.” While it doesn’t reveal much, it certainly is a new approach to teasers.
  • DIA‘s Flower 4 Seasons mini will be a unit comeback with Chaeyeon and Somyi not participating.
  • Stray Kids will be back with “Go” on June 17, and the concept teaser it out! Scientists, race cars, a restaurant with a marching band… I have no clue where this is going but it looks wild.
  • Weki Meki have begun to drop teasers for their June 18 comeback with Hide and Seek.
  • Sunmi will be airing her own web variety show “Life of a Fan” where she explores fandom alongside her brothers.
  • Brown Eyed GirlsJea will be releasing a new song with lyrics by IU sometime in June.
  • Originally scheduled as a June 15 release, Irene and Seulgi‘s unit debut with Monster has been delayed until July.
  • Rain, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Hyori will be debuting as a co-ed group sometime this summer!

Other News

  • Eight people involved in the Produce 101 vote rigging scandal were sentenced this week. They faced punishments of fines and up to two years in prison.
  • Jo Yoon-hee and Lee Dong-gun announced their divorce.
  • Following being found guilty of borrowing money to gamble illegally, S.E.SShoo was ordered by a Seoul court to pay back over 340 million won.
  • Both VIXX and Shinee celebrated their debut anniversaries this week!

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