Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Another week, more Produce manipulation reveals. According to indictment records, one member of I.O.I. might have unfairly been placed in the group as they were more favorable to CJ ENM.
  • Kim Gunmo cancelled his upcoming tour in light of recent sexual assault accusations. He has denied the charges and will sue his accuser.
  • Prosecutors have appealed Kang Ji-hwan‘s suspended sentence for sexual assault, citing he deserves more punishment than a two-year probation.
  • BustersChaeyeon was involved in an incident while filming Boni Hani that went viral on Twitter. In the video, it appeared that fellow cast member Choi Young-soo hit her in the arm — unaware that the cameras were still rolling. Other questionable incidents have since come to light, even after Choi’s firing.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Stray Kids returned with “Levanter.” You can check out our MV review here, the album review will be out soon!
  • Baek Yerin returned with the double album Every Letter I Sent You, including three English language title tracks: “Popo (How Deep is Your Love?),” “Square (2017),” and “0310.”
  • Ailee was nostalgic in her seasonal track, “Sweater.”
  • Primary asked to “Slow Down” in his latest MV.
  • Holland struggled with self-love in “Love You Better.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • The final leg of the ReVe Festival is shaping up to be quite spooky. The repackaged album will be out on December 23.
  • Momoland will drop their new single album, Thumbs Up on December 30.
  • Loona have begun to share teasers for 365. The title track was released on December 13, but the remainder of the comeback is a mystery.
  • VeriVery will be back in 2020 with Face It. Check out the first concept trailer.

Other News

  • Claudia Kim was married over the weekend. Congrats!
  • WJSN‘s Dawon will be taking a break from activities to focus on treating her anxiety disorder.
  • The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has added some new regulations regarding the treatment of artists, as well as drafted a new standard contract for trainees.
    • In addition to complying with the new 52 hour maximum work week, trainees will also not be allowed to sign contracts longer than 3 years. Agencies will be held financially responsible for training the artists.
    • The agency is also trying to adjust the rules regarding mandatory enlistment and international travel. Artists over 27 years of age who have not yet enlisted will still need to file paperwork in order to leave the country for short trips, but those under 27 will be granted short international trips without any additional paperwork.
  • Although BTSJungkook and the other party in his November car accident reached a settlement, his case was forwarded to prosecution — as is common for accidents involving negligence.
  • Multiple idols and companies spoke out this week regarding sasaeng behavior including Exo‘s Kai, BTS’ V, and JYP.

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