Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The investigations into Mnet‘s vote rigging controversy continued to grab headlines this week. It was revealed that:
    • The rankings in all four seasons of Produce were manipulated. PD Ahn Joon-young was reportedly entertained at adult drinking establishments by agencies.
    • X1‘s appearance at the V Live awards show V Heartbeat held on November 16, was cancelled. Mnet further clarified that X1 does not have any other scheduled activities. This effectively seems to mean the group is now on indefinite hiatus.
    • The group’s members and agencies have not been paid for their activities so far, and their contracts have not been signed.
    • Additionally, the X1 members and other Produce X 101 contestants — those who benefited and those who suffered a disadvantage — may be summoned as witnesses.
    • CJ ENM‘s Vice President Shin Hyung-kwan has reportedly been booked as a suspect. A total of ten individuals have reportedly been booked.
  • Prosecution has requested a sentence of 7 years for Jung Joon-young for the filming and spreading of molka footage as well as aggravated rape, and 5 years for Choi Jong-hoon for his participation in the aggravated rape case. The final verdict will be delivered on November 29.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Nature were (un)apologetic in the cheerful MV for “Oopsie (My Bad)“.
  • Seven O’Clock were fans’ “Midnight Sun” in their latest comeback.
  • Following the departure of Woojin, Stray Kids released their first music as a group of eight with “Astronaut“.
  • Eric Nam toasted to a last goodbye in the melodic English language track, “Congratulations“.
  • Notwithstanding its official disbandment in 2016, Rainbow released the MV for “Aurora” in celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary.
  • In2it released the Latin-infused “Ullala: Poisoning“.
  • If Mamamoo do it, it’s “Hip“, claim the group confidently in their latest comeback. Look forward to our review!

Teasers & Announcements

  • Golden Child have nearly completed promotions for their comeback with Re-boot on November 18.
  • IU has also ramped up promotions with the release of teasers for the songs on her mini-album Love Poem, scheduled for November 18.
  • WJSN are gearing up for the release of their mini album As You Wish on November 19.
  • CIX have been dropping story film episodes for their upcoming return on November 19.
  • NCT‘s Jaehyun will kick start the release of music on Station X, SM re-branded digital music release platform Station. The first song will be out on November 20.
  • Astro shared an intriguing concept trailer for their new mini album Blue Flame, scheduled for November 20.
  • Super Junior‘s Sungmin, who has not participated in the group’s activities following his marriage in December 2014, will release his first mini album on November 22.
  • Kang Daniel will release a new single on November 25.
  • AOA will be returning with a mini album New Moon, on November 26.
  • EXO have shared individual member concept teasers in anticipation of return with Obsession on November 27. Are you team Exo or x-Exo?
  • Former Myteen members and Produce X 101 contestants Kim Kook-heon and Song Yu-vin‘s duo will be known as B.O.Y. (B. Of You).

Other News

  • It was reported that fraudsters forged forms used internally at BTS‘s agency Big Hit Entertainment, and used those fake forms to induce several small to medium-sized companies to invest in (fake) BTS concerts. The companies are domestic and international concert promoters, and the total damages amount to 5 billion won (approx. $4.27 million). Big Hit has confirmed that it did not sign the contracts.
  • Exiled former K-pop star Yoo Seung-jun has won the case against the Los Angeles Korean Consulate General against the rejection of his 2015 visa application. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it plans to appeal in the Supreme Court, so it looks like Yoo may have to wait a little longer for permission to be able to set foot in South Korea.
  • Former Pristin member Kyla shared that she is safe, after the shooting at her High School in California, earlier this week.

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