Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Amber of f(x) announced she is leaving SM Entertainment after over a decade with the company. Her departure came as no surprise given her contract ending this month, and past struggles with the company.
  • Yang Hyun-suk went through 23 hours of police questioning for suspicions of illegal overseas gambling.
  • Seungri was also questioned for 12 hours and admitted to some charges of gambling.
  • After a series of controversies, Lee Jonghyun officially announced his departure from CNBlue.

Debuts & Comebacks

Teasers & Announcements

  • Woolim‘s W Project 4 will release their first digital single “1’11”“on September 2.
  • Mamamoo‘s Wheein has been sharing the making prologue for her solo release “Soar,” due out on September 4.
  • Crayon Pop’s Choa and Way will release their own digital single “My Universe” on September 5.
  • CLC will come back with the digital single “Devil” on September 6.
  • Bolbbalgan4 will be back on September 5 with their new mini album Two Five.
  • Seventeen will release their third full album on September 16.
  • Laboum released the comeback schedule for their September 19 comeback, Two of Us.
  • Chen will embark on his second solo endeavor this October. He also undertook an extensive busking tour around Korea this week.
  • SM Entertainment released the intro trailer for super-group Super-M. Fan reaction has been mixed to say the least.
  • Jungjook might have teased a future English language release in a recent Twitter post.
  • Sulli was cast in the upcoming Persona 2.

Other News

  • Following the investigation into the final results of Produce X101, Produce 48 is now also under suspicion for vote manipulation.
  • Heechul will not be participating in Super Junior‘s upcoming tour, nor the variety show SJ Returns 3.
  • Kangnam and Lee Sang-hwa will be married in October.
  • B.A.P.‘s Youngjae signed with Dmost Entertainment.

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