Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Jang Jae-in revealed through Instagram that her ex, Nam Taehyun, had cheated on her. Taehyun responded with a handwritten apology.
  • Accusations continue to mount against Yang Hyun-suk. This week he added tax evasion and destruction of evidence to his list of suspicions. But the real question is, how likely are these charges to actually be investigated?
  • Yesung apologized to fans after sharing his support for Kangin and his new web drama. Not sure an apology will be enough for fans who have already promised to boycott the group until Kangin and Sungmin are removed from the group.
  • Burning Sun re-opened its doors this week… I have no words.

Debuts & Comebacks

Teasers & Announcements

  • Double title tracks seem to be the trend this summer. Ateez will return with both “Wave” and “Illusion” on June 10.
  • Yunho will show us his True Colors on June 12. Leading up to his first solo release, he shared a couple highlight previews on Twitter.
  • Something is coming soon from Monsta X. Possibly on June 14?
  • Chungha will be back with a new album on June 24.
  • Sechskies Eun Jiwon with is set to release his solo “G1” on June 27.
  • A Chanyeol/Sehun Exo unit is coming our way in July.

Other News

  • It looks like Samuel has parted ways with Brave Entertainment and will continue forward as an independent artist.
  • Crush has left Amoeba Culture to set up his own agency. Does this mean he and Zion.T can make up now?
  • B1a4‘s Jinyoung will begin his military service on June 20.
  • Prosecutors asked for a two years sentence for the staff who secretly filmed Bomi and Shin Se-kyung.

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