Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • YG Entertainment appointed a new CEO, Hwang Bo-kyung. Hwang has been with YG since 2001, and has served as Executive Director and CFO.
  • The storm continued to swirl around YG as the company released a statement denying that Han Seo-hee was ever a YG trainee. It was reported that pursuant to the August 2016 drug investigation where Han Seo-hee changed her testimony regarding B.I., Han came into contact with T.O.P in October 2016. The two smoked marijuana together a few times, and this came to be known to Yang Hyun-suk. Han was thus deliberately sent away to the US by Yang in December 2016 to hide T.O.P’s marijuana use before Big Bang‘s comeback with MADE.
  • The police and prosecution have blamed each other for the shoddy investigation and cover up of B.I.’s drug use in 2016. The police have announced a task force to investigate YG Entertainment.
  • It was also reported that while Sungri and Yoo In-suk have been booked for embezzling 530 million KRW (approx. $451,000) from Burning Sun, they are actually suspected of having embezzled upto 1 billion KRW (approx. $850,000) from the club. Aori Ramen washed its hands off Seungri by announcing that his 5% shares have been cancelled, and Yuri Holdings’ 39% shares will be sold. Full proceeds from the sale will be given to charity.
  • YG’s stock price remained low, closing at 29,200 KRW (approx. $25) on Friday, June 21, after having fallen 1.02% since the last week.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist of the week’s releases above!
  • Blue Zone Boys have a “Question” for you in their debut single album.
  • Our reviewer found VIXX’s Leo sensual but underwhelming in “Romanticism“, the title track to his second solo mini album, Muse.
  • SF9 sped through a Sci-Fi Adventure in “RPM“, on their latest mini album, RPM. Our review of the MV can be found here.
  • R&B singer Sobae returned with “Good Luck”, and a request to listeners to be a part of the MV.
  • Zimzalabim”! Red Velvet made a comeback with their latest EP, The ReVe Festival Day 1.
  • Stray Kids suffered from “Side Effects” in their special album, Clé 2 : Yellow Wood. We reviewed the MV here.
  • Yesung was enthralled with “Pink Magic” in his latest mini album Pink Magic.
  • Chai, of K-pop Star 5 fame, debuted with “Give and Take (feat. pH-1)“.
  • N.tic made a comeback with “Fiction”.
  • Zelo debuted as a solo artist following the unofficial disbandment of B.A.P with “Questions” in his mini album, Distance.
  • Jea‘s “Dear Rude” kept in line with the summertime horror flick trend.

Teasers & Announcements

  • It’s almost time for Chungha to return with “Snapping” on June 24.
  • Bigflo‘s Euijin released the first MV teaser for his upcoming solo debut, “Insomnia” on June 26.
  • GI-dle will also return on the 26th with “Uh-Oh.”
  • The next YG artist to make a comeback, Sechskies‘s Eun Ji-won revealed the track list for his comeback G1, scheduled for June 27.
  • Sulli participated in the creation of her upcoming single “Goblin,” out on June 29.
  • G Friend promise yet another new concept in the teasers for Fever Season, out July 1.
  • BTS‘s tenth Japanese single “Lights/Boy With Luv” will be out on July 3.
  • Ha Sung-woon will be making a comeback on July 8 with his second mini album.
  • Exo‘s Baekhyun‘s solo debut album is titled City Lights and will be released on July 10.
  • Exo’s D.O. will be releasing a solo track sometime ahead of his military enlistment on July 1.

Other News

  • Idol-turned-actor Im Si-wan narrowly managed to avoid controversy following reports that he received more vacation days (123 days) than the average soldier (59 days). His agency, Plum Actors, released a statement breaking down the reasons for the number of leave days, which seems to have settled the matter.
  • Goo Hara reassured fans about her mental health and well being in a series of posts on Instagram. Having signed with a new agency, she will reportedly be resuming activities in Japan.
  • Berry Good‘s Johyun was caught up in controversy regarding her “revealing” cosplay outfit for an eSports event. Responding to the controversy, the idol confidently stated on her Instagram Stories that different ways of thinking should be respected and that, as long as their health allows, she hopes everyone will be able to do what they want to do.
  • It was revealed that a police report was filed by Exo’s Chanyeol in April after sasaengs tried to break and enter into his workspace.
  • Girl group Laboum are recruiting a new member for their Japanese promotions.

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