Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The Burning Sun case may have officially ended this week, but the shit storm continues to swirl around YG Entertainment.
  • On Monday, Dispatch revealed 2016 text messages showing iKon‘s B.I. attempting to purchase LSD. Within hours of the news breaking, YG took uncharacteristically swift action and removed B.I. from the group. Shortly after, B.I. posted a public apology on Instagram, and speculations began about how the case was not investigated three years ago when detectives first became aware of the attempted purchase.
  • Enter Han Seohee, who revealed herself via a petition to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission as “A.” Han had been investigated back in 2016 for smoking marijuana with TOP, and in that process, police had found her phone conversations with B.I. where he inquired about purchasing LSD. She also implied that at the time YG and attempted to influence her testimony to police and even hired her lawyer. After which, her story changed from delivering the LSD to B.I., to simply having a conversation where he speculated about purchasing the drug. Han’s current lawyer later shared that documents regarding B.I.’s LSD investigation and testimony have since gone missing, and says YG’s ties to police are highly suspect.
  • All the while, YG stock prices plummeted. Ultimately, Yang Hyun-suk and his brother Yang Min-suk, stepped down from YG Entertainment — though they still remain major shareholders in the company.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist of the week’s releases above!
  • Ateez took a unique approach to their comeback with “Wave” and “Illusion.” We reviewed both MVs here.
  • Ong Seongwoo‘s “Heart Sign” was a summery treat for fans.
  • Noir took a completely different direction with the edgy “Doom Doom.”
  • Yunho made his long awaited solo debut with “Follow.”
  • Another anticipated, but sloppily executed debut came in the form of Somi‘s “Birthday.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • SF9 are revving up for RMP on June 17.
  • Red Velvet‘s stylists got creative in the teasers for “ZimZalaBim.”
  • Stray Kids are dropping individual song teasers for their June 19 mini album Clé 2: Yellow Wood.
  • Exo Baekhyun‘s solo album is coming in July.
  • I.O.I. will reunite as 9 — sans Somi and Yeonjung.
  • Sulli is confirmed to release a new song soon.

Other News

  • Melon has agreed to cooperate with investigators as they look into the company’s suspected embezzling of artist royalties.
  • Prosecutors requested a year and a half jail time in addition to a 1.4 million won fine for Park Yoochun. He is accused of using Philopon back in 2018.
  • Perhaps taking note from fellow Produce 101 contestants, Samuel plans to trademark his name under his new one man agency.
  • Suzy and two other individuals were fined 20 million for incorrectly including One Picture studio on social media in relation to a government petition for Yang Ye-won.
  • Police didn’t recommend Kim Hyungjun for indictment regarding the 2018 accusations of sexual assault made against him.
  • Block B‘s Taeil began his military enlistment this week.

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