Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! It’s a double update this week, so here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Park Yoochun‘s press conference statements seem to have been proven false this week after the singer tested positive for Philopon and was arrested. Prior to his arrest, C-JeS announced that his contract has been terminated.
  • Seventeen women were booked for prostitution in relation to the Burning Sun investigation. Furthermore, Yoo In-suk — CEO of Yuri Holdings — admitted that there was mediation for prostitution back in 2015. Seungri‘s side continues to deny any direct involvement.
  • A warrant of arrest for Burning Sun’s CEO Lee Moon-ho was issued on April 19.
  • A second woman came forward with an account of sexual assault and secret filming by some members of the Jung Joon-young chat group.
  • Yoon Ji-oh who has served as a witness in the Jang Ja-yeon case, is now facing a defamation and contempt lawsuit from writer Kim Soo Min. The writer claims Yoon is exaggerating her involvement with the case — specifically that she saw the supposed list of men Jang named in her suicide letter — for financial gain. Yoon stands her ground, citing her multiple interviews and testimonies with police that prove her credibility.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all the latest releases in our playlist above!
  • Bae Jinyoung released his first solo single, “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye.”
  • NewKidd‘s debut with “Tu Eres” might be one of my favorite debuts so far this year. Maybe it’s the Shinee vibes I’m picking up?
  • Chanyeol had his solo moment to shine with the Station track “SSFW.”
  • Yoon Jisung said “I’ll Be There” in his new MV.
  • Heechul shared his first solo MV for “Old Movie.”
  • Fellow Super Junior member unit D&E both overwhelmed and disappointed our reviewers with “Danger.”
  • Need more TXT content? This week they released an MV for the b-side “Cat & Dog.”
  • N.Flying‘s seasonally appropriate “Spring Memories” pleased our reviewer.
  • VeriVery had their first comeback with “From Now.” Check out our album review here.
  • Baby Soul of Lovelyz also released a solo “A Piece of the Moon.”
  • Twice‘s “Fancy” showcased a new side of the group that our reviewer appreciated.
  • Highlight‘s Son Dongwoon released his first mini album Act 1: The Orchestra and an MV for the lead single, “In the Silence.”
  • Monsta X‘s I.M teamed up with Elhae for his new mixtape track, “Horizon.”
  • APink asked “Everybody Ready?” in a special MV.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Eunji and 10cm‘s duet “Let’s Walk Together” will be out on April 30.
  • Chancellor will release his new single “Angel” featuring Taeyeon on May 1.
  • Kim Donghan is going Victorian Gothic for his D-HOURS AM 7:03 comeback on May 1.
  • It’s already time for Park Bom‘s repackage release “4:44” featuring Wheein (Mamamoo).
  • Oh My Girl will be back on May 8 with The Fifth Season.
  • AB6IX will officially debut on May 22. In the lead up, they released a performance video for “Hollywood.”
  • NC.A is gearing up to make a comeback with the mini album Some on May 10.

Other News

  • FNC‘s Honeyst announced their disbandment just shy of their two-year anniversary.
  • Hello Venus officially disbanded following contract expiration with Fantagio.
  • Nam Tae-hyun and Jang Jae-in confirmed their relationship.
  • Some MustB members were involved in a car accident on April 21. Tragically, their manager did not survive the accident.

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