Not lagging far behind Super Junior‘s fiery comeback with “Lo Siento,” the superstar subunit, Super Junior-D&E continue the fun with their latest dance track release, “Bout You.” The single from their second mini-album will end the group’s four-year hiatus since the playful jam “Can You Feel It?” Although the group has continually rolled out new music for their Japanese activities, Donghae and Eunhyuk are back in Korea serving up some lighthearted pleasure just right for the summertime.

Sonically, the track “Bout You” is a trap beat confession of love with a splash of tropical-house that is in line with Winner’s last summer hit “Really Really.” The duo is trendy in musical notes that make use of rhythmic beats and high pitched synths coupled with added sounds of claps and whistles. Although “Bout You” certainly goes all out in the dance track category it falters with the overuse of autotune and lazy vocal delivery that strains the overall enjoyment of the song.

Both Donghae and Eunhyuk provide diluted verses that are overpowered by the song’s chorus hook. This creates a clear unbalance that hinders parts of the track which become flat and underwhelming. This problem cripples the song from having much replay value as to some listeners, “Bout You” can feel quite mundane and interchangeable with every other trap filled Kpop release. On the bright side, D&E are able to redeem themselves with a bright and entertaining music video backdropped by the interesting streets of New York.

D&E go easy on the plot narrative as the music video mainly showcases the swaggering dance routine of the duo with a handful of backup dancers to heighten the choreography. Colorful outfits are brought in for the basketball rooftop sequence while the dark and sleek attire is saved for the lively bar scene as the men lust over their love interest. The visual manages to add long shots showing off both the dancers and the industrial aesthetic of New York. The dance seems to fit in quite well with the overall concept of the comeback as they incorporate some trendy dance moves into the routine. This, in turn, makes the dance seem lighthearted and cool without taking itself too seriously.

The cinematography of the MV plays with color saturation with some scenes increasing the brightness to parallel the hot temperature of the summer and the quirkiness of the duo. Meanwhile, other scenes are more dark and shadowy, indicating a change in mood and atmosphere that can be seen by both Donghae and Eunhyuk’s changed confident demeanor during the second half of the video.

Lyrically, “Bout You” plays off a strong sentiment of curiosity and affection showcasing the boy’s desire to want to know more about the love interest that has captured their attention. The song is sweet with an innocent narrative of hoping to connect on a more emotional level with the person you care for from a distance. Member Donghae along with composer J-Dub each took a hand in composing the instrumentation of the song with Eunhyuk joining in for the lyrics.

I cannot even explain my whole heart

it’s not just a word, it only comes to you
I want to know you, just all about you
Don’t ask me why, it’s just you
The visuals sometimes detract narratively from the lyrical content of the song, putting more emphasis on the dance numbers. D&E are well known for their dance skills and aren’t afraid to show off humorous choreo as seen with their “Chok Chok Dance” anthem. With “Bout You” the song’s overall effectiveness in garnering viewer attention stems from the members’ high-spirited aura that compliments the tone of the visual. The instrumentation of the song is supported by the enriching texture of the cinematography which masquerades the sonic shortcomings of the song itself.
It is unclear whether at the end of the music video, which guy gets the girl or if it’s just a one-time ordeal. Even so, Donghae and Eunhyuk are pros at keeping the interest of the camera and radiating joyful energy while dancing. Although “Bout You” may seem underwhelming to some, given the almost five year wait period, D&E show no sign at slowing down from their usual fun-filled and lively releases, dancing it out to every situation.


(YouTube, Images via SM Entertainment)