VIXX still remain the concept kings of K-pop, with their last album centered around perfume and scent. While they’ve done almost everything from voodoo dolls to cyborgs for their title tracks, one thing their B-sides consistently deliver is sexy, sexy vibes. With their recent sixth anniversary, what better time to take a look back at these songs and discover some hidden gems.  

The following four songs each deal with the members being overwhelmed by passion for their partner. But what originally attracted me to these tracks weren’t the lyrics, but the sexy vibe that they exude. Each song showcase VIXX’s talent for making shimmy worthy songs.

Let’s start off with a slightly older song. “Love Me Do” is off their 2016 release, Hades. The song starts out with Ravi’s voice over a heavily synthesized tropical beat. Ken and Leo open the first verse, singing about seducing their lover. The song sounds frantic; like they’re so excited to be alone with the subject of their affection. It reaches the climax during the final chorus before Ravi’s rap, before the song drops off a bit.

“My Valentine” is from their latest album, Eau de Vixx. If “Love Me Do” is the frantic sibling, “My Valentine” is the mature and seductive older sibling. Like Qian writes in the review of Eau de Vixx, “My Valentine” is a near-faultless listen.” It’s effortlessly sexy, even though there are so many elements in the instrumentation. My favorite aspect is definitely the jazz-inspired piano and bass. When layered on top of the samba beat the drums keep consistently throughout the song, “My Valentine” invites the listener to grab a partner and body roll together.

“Odd Sense” is also off Eau de Vixx and is also one of my favorite songs from that album. “Odd Sense” is more restrained; it has less going on than “My Valentine” but it still delivers. It keeps with the theme, with VIXX singing about being overcome for their desire for the subject.

I dreamt up a wild colour full of sensuality
Lights overflowing with ecstasy
Clash inside a glistening glass bottle
And tease me as if they’re about to burst into bloom
I indulge myself, and softly
My heart starts to get excited

We’ll end like we began, with an older song. “Black Out” starts out with a thumping, deep base, setting the tone for the rest of the song. While it doesn’t have a complex rhythm, the song catches your attention. When you combine the lyrics with that incredible dip in the choreography, it’s easy to see why “Black Out” remains a fan favorite.

At one point, they sing:

I wanna give candy in your mouth
Right now, we don’t need any other sweet, typical words
Don’t push me away
Hold up baby, wait
You and I are becoming one
Fly away, 1 2

If you thought they were being subtle before, they certainly aren’t in “Black Out.”

While VIXX do edgy and dark extremely well, their b-sides allow them a little more freedom to be as racy as they like. I personally prefer seeing their creative concepts for title tracks and keeping the sexier tracks for the album. These are just some of their more explicitly mature songs that I enjoy.

Stay thirsty, Starlights.

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