Best of Weekly Music Shows has returned! It’s only been a week, but it feels like a lot happened. Winner, The Boyz, EXID, Pentagon, and Vromance all had comebacks. Sub-unit Oh My Girl Banhana also made their first appearance with the playful “Banana Allergy Monkey”. We’re still months away from summer, but it appears we’re already getting some new poolside jams. Whether you seek romantic music for your beach date or the quintessential party starter, watching music shows is a good way to get into more artists.

Before I share my favorite stages, let’s congratulate everyone who won last week. Wanna One continued to dominate on SBS The Show, MBC Show Champion and Show! Music Core, Mnet M! Countdown, and KBS Music Bank. Despite having been gone a couple of weeks, Momoland took first place on SBS Inkigayo. Cheers to them!

Every week there are great performances, and every week I struggle to pick my top favorites. If you’re not having that issue, feel free to share your picks in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed the same ones I did.

Vromance’s “Oh My Season”, Mnet M! Countdown, April 5, 2018

This group harmonizes so beautifully. They don’t compete to overpower each other vocally, allowing them to shine brighter as a unit. The song doesn’t have any outstanding notes, so it’s quite lovely and relaxing. I don’t mind the fog only because I’ve seen numerous ballads sung on misty stages. Besides, when you sound as good as them, who needs to overdo the visuals?

The Boyz’s “Giddy Up”, Mnet M! Countdown, April 5, 2018

This rookie group is making quite an impression through this performance. I didn’t know what to expect with a title like “Giddy Up”, but this is a pleasant surprise. The choreography stands out thanks to their flawless execution. If you’re seeking another talented group packed with charisma, then maybe you should check The Boyz out.

NCT 127‘s “Touch”, SBS Inkigayo, April 8, 2018

I see it, and I still don’t trust him. Just because Taeyong is sporting apple hair doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Actually, that goes for all the members. Don’t let those cherubic faces fool you. This is the same group that ruined lives with “Cherry Bomb” last year. Now, look at them, charming us with those cheery smiles and fan service. I don’t like these mind games, NCT 127.

Monsta X‘s “Jealousy”, KBS Music Bank, April 6, 2018

Their stylists deserve all the raises in the world. There was a different stage where they wore these leather collars, but this stage displayed their dancing better. Monsta X has this incredible ability to switch between smooth and powerful moves effortlessly. I appreciate hearing them sing live, even if they sound breathless. It just reminds me how hard they work to be this good.

Cosmic Girls‘ “Dreams Come True”, MBC Show Champion, April 4, 2018

This was a special episode filmed in Ulsan, where it was raining that day. Cosmic Girls showed a great deal of professionalism with this performance, but they should’ve never had to tape under risky conditions that included a slippery stage. Poor Yeonjung received a minor injury during rehearsals, yet she went on as if nothing was wrong. As much as I admire these groups for their resilience in these times, I wish the staff of these shows would exercise more caution for everyone’s safety. I’m proud of Cosmic Girls for getting through this despite the circumstances.

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