Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share some of the most recent fashion-forward photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

March 20th marks the spring equinox — the marker of the pendulum bringing us from winter to spring. However, the one to two inches of wet snow forecasted to arrive in my area today seems to suggest otherwise. Perhaps you can’t relate if you live somewhere bereft of defined seasonal shifts. Nonetheless, for me and others who live in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere, fully categorizing this time period as spring just feels wrong. But amidst this awkward seasonal transition phase, certain clothing styles unique to this lapse of time begin to emerge. These include jackets to protect us from the remaining wind chills paired with skirts ill-suited for the January and February months, or long boots paired with dresses. For those of us who want to keep warm in the breezy mornings but still look seasonally appropriate, the spring-winter half look is a go-to.

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