Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of The SB Mixtape.

Though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, the lead-up to the holiday seems like an appropriate time as any for taking stock of what we are thankful for.

The past year has been particularly rough for me, but looking back at how far I’ve come in the time since I find that I have a lot to be grateful for. One of those things is unknowing support of everyone here at Seoulbeats, who have helped me, reminded me, excused me and forgiven me while I figured shit out.

While most thankful K-pop songs — often dedicated to fans — are rather romantic, the sentiment of gratitude and the desire to reciprocate is one that particularly resonates with me here. I’ve collated a playlist dedicated to everyone who has been a part of Seoulbeats and been there for me over the years, and especially during this one.

Readers, who in your life are you thankful for, especially in 2017?

Also, be on the lookout for our annual Thanksgiving Roundtable, where we tip our hats to the Hallyu icons who make our lives just that little bit better!