And here we are, back with part two of this episode of BuzzBeats.

Here on part two of the topic, Cy, JanineLo, Cjontai, and myself are trying to sort out what’s changed and who is to blame for what happened with Fuse TV‘s K-Stop podcast. While we can all go around pointing fingers at the hosts and/or fans, one thing we can definitely direct some blame to is social media and how powerful it has become in 2017.

Another point we hit on is the self-imposed entitlement some fans and their fan bases have which led into “the one ruins it for the many,” concept. But this outlook isn’t just about the fans, but can be applied to the way others view Western media covering k-pop in general.

We wrap up our final thoughts by answering the following questions:

  1. As people who are involved with podcasting, should we be allowed to express our thoughts and opinions or should we filter ourselves to avoid backlash
  2. Do we believe the situation could have been handled better or do we see the podcast ending as a fitting and fair end?

If you stuck with us during this two part episode, I applaud you. Feel free to share your thoughts below on the topic.

But for now, we’ll hear you on the next episode!

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