Best of Weekly Music Shows is here for another round! Due to national holidays and the South Korean presidential election, most music programs were cancelled in observation. Lovelyz came back to promote their song “Now, We” while Triple H made their debut with “365 Fresh“. Despite the cancellations, IU swept up wins on Mnet M! Countdown, SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank, and MBC Show! Music Core. EXID brought home their second consecutive trophy from SBS The Show, which probably meant a lot considering it’s their last week of promotions.

While it was a little disappointing to have less music programs this week, it did allow me to find other artists who’d usually get overlooked in the mountain of music show clips. Gave a good look and listen to many of them, and I found some stages that have piqued my interest beyond a casual listen of the song.

Stella Jang‘s “Vanishing Paycheck”, MBC Show! Music Core, May 6, 2017

It’s rare to come across indie artists on music shows that mainly feature idols. It’s somewhat unfortunate that this is the case because music shows could use a little more quirk from time to time. At first, I didn’t know what to make of this performance, yet I kept replaying it. There’s something a bit weird and fun about Stella Jang. I love the piggy banks and the miniature instruments. They really add to the whimsy of the stage. Whether you find it cringe-inducing or not, there’s certainly something unique about this performance. That’s what I appreciate the most.

SF9‘s “Easy Love”, Arirang Simply K-pop, May 5, 2017

I’ve heard mixed reactions to KCON NY’s line-up, but admittedly, I wasn’t upset seeing this group on the list. They possess all the key elements necessary for a captivating performance. Attractive members? Check. Catchy song? Check. Dynamic choreography? Extra check! Seeing this through a screen made me realize how much more I want to see it live. It’s too early for me to say I’ll learn any names, but as long as they keep going strong like this, I may add them to the extensive list of random idols I follow more than my own friends.

EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day”, SBS Inkigayo, May 7, 2017

I can’t believe we’re about to say goodbye to EXID for these promotions. Luckily, the ladies treated fans to extra service in this performance. We’re getting playful winks and heart fingers thrown at us with lip biting and body rolls that kill. You know the stage is fantastic if you’re screaming “GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!” at every member on the screen. I don’t care if someone judges me because I’m that entertained by them. Also, I’m considering cosplaying in these outfits because they’re super cute.

Monsta X‘s “Beautiful”, SBS Inkigayo, May 7, 2017

Is it terrible that I sort of wish this was originally a ballad based on this rendition? Monsta X not only sounds pleasant, but they look so polished here. That’s not to say they were never attractive; it’s just this style really suits them. Their strong stage presence is amplified, proving that a memorable performance doesn’t require anything over the top. You simply need to combine all the right elements in an appealing manner. Hopefully, they’ll do this version on their world tour.

Triple H’s “365 Fresh”, SBS Inkigayo, May 7, 2017

Originally, the song and MV did nothing for me. The issue was the marketing. What would’ve been nicer is if the video displayed the charisma the trio has here. Hyuna is so strong as a soloist that she can overpower the presence of almost anyone on stage. Her hair is gorgeous and the flowy dress contributes to this free-spirited image of her. Hui and E’Dawn come into their own through this performance, which is what I wanted to see for reassurance they could command an audience as well as Hyuna. They look chill and relaxed, matching the vibe of the song. Seeing Triple H grooving so smoothly to the song — instead of moping around miserably like they did in the MV — put this sub-unit in a more positive light for me. It’s a laid-back funky track that needed this attitude to sell it. Now that I see how it was meant to be presented, I like the song and the sub-unit a little better.

What were your favorite performances this week?

(YouTube [1][2][3], Image via MBC)