Welcome back to another episode of Buzzbeats. Apologizes for missing out on March. But I hope April’s episode will make up for it.

There have been quite a couple of controversies as of recent and they may have slipped under your radar. Lo, Cjontai, and I talk about some headlines concerning BTS, Seventeen, NU’EST, Amber of f(x), Henry of Super Junior M, and Eric Nam. Don’t feel too bad if you happened not to hear anything concerning the artists mentioned. That’s why we’re here to fill you in.

But considering idols, groups, and the headlines mentioned above, we’ve come to the topic of when it comes to fans (antis and sasaengs factor in here too), is popularity a blessing or a curse? On the one hand, fans can show their support by defending their biases when they’ve done nothing wrong. But sadly, it can go the other way too with antis being against an entire fandom.

Take a listen to the episode and be sure to share your thoughts.

The next topic will be a lot more lighthearted. Promise! See you on the next episode!

(Images via Pledis)