Happy Lunar New Year, and welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! It’s only been a few days since February’s begun, but nonetheless it’s shaping up to be a quite a busy month. Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The CEO of an undisclosed agency was found guilty of sexually assaulting a trainee in 2016.
  • Wassup‘s Nada, Jinjoo, and Dian filed suit to end their contact with Mafia Entertainment, citing lack of compensation. The company retorted by saying that the group is still 500 million won in debut, and therefore has not earned compensation. Nada immediately fired back with claims that her CEO’s personal credit card charges were added to the group’s debt, and that the amount owed by the group was unfair. The debacle has awoken criticisms of the trainee debt system. What’s your take on the issue?
  • Web drama Star of the Universe came under fire for casual referrences to fans as “ATMS” and “stupid fangirls.”

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out all of this week’s releases in the playlist above!
  • Zion.T dominated the charts this week with the release of OO. 
  • Red Velvet kept in line with their quirky aesthetic in “Rookie.”
  • Huh Gak broke hearts with “Miss You.”
  • Rubber Seoul celebrated “Freedom” in their latest MV.
  • SM Station‘s first season came to a close with Song Yeoung-ju and Suho‘s “Curtain.” Thankfully, SM reps confirmed that a second season is currently in the works.
  • Mad Clown teamed up with indie duo Bolbbalgan4 for “Lost Without You.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • After taking some time off, Jung Joon-young will return to the music scene on February 7 with The First Person.
  • Keeping with their monthly release promise, Day6 dropped teasers for their February single “You Were Beautiful.”
  • BTS and Big Hit Entertainment spoiled fans with a slew of teaser and concept photos for You Never Walk Alone. Unfortunately, fans have to wait until February 13th for the album and MV.
  • Block B parodied the Friends intro in the first video teaser for “Yesterday.” I, for one, cannot wait for all the goofiness that is bound to ensue in the full MV on February 6.
  • NCT Fetus Dream have finally ditched the hoverboards in the teasers for “My First and Last” due out on February 9.
  • Cross Gene put out their second pre-release track “Black Mind” in the lead-up to their new mini album Mirror. The full mini will be out on February 8.
  • B.I.G. are ready to return with the single “1, 2, 3” on February 13. Unfortunately member Gook Min-pyo will be sitting out this comeback to take care of his health.
  • Twice released a vague teaser for Knock Knock. The comeback is apparently happening on February 20.
  • SF9‘s been dropping teasers all week for the upcoming MV “Roar.” Their new album Burning Sensation will be released on February 6.
  • T-ara‘s Jiyeon is gearing up for her first solo comeback in three years. News also broke this week that the singer split with boyfriend Lee Dong-gun back in December.
  • Fantagio plans to debut new group Second 5urprise. Anyone clear on what this actor-trainers system really is?
  • Masc are artsy and mysterious in the teasers for “Tina.”
  • Casting News:
    • Eric Nam has joined the cast of TvN‘s Life Bar. Let the 19+ fun begin.
    • Vixx‘s N will appear in OCN‘s Tunnel.
    • Park Ki-wook will play Baek Inho in the upcoming film version of Cheese in the Trap

Other News

  • I.O.I.‘s Somi graduated middle school this week! Congratulations!
  • Jinyoung (Got7), Jisoo (Black Pink), and Doyoung (NCT) will be the new Inkigayo MCs.
  • Park Jin-young wants to be the next Yoo Hee-yeol, with his own music talk show on SBS.
  • The woman who circulated the false rumor concerning Lee Seung-gi and a secret child has been fined.
  • James announced his departure from the Royal Pirates in a heartfelt letter to fans. We wish him health and happiness, wherever he goes next!
  • The Idol Star Athletic Championships were held over the Lunar New Year holiday. Surprisingly, no idols were injured this year.
  • Block B’s P.O lost his mother over the holiday weekend. Our condolences go out to him and his family.
  • Following the disbandment of Wonder Girls, Yeeun has signed with Amoeba Culture. If you’re already missing the legendary group, check out our playlist of the group’s best B-sides.

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