With a slew of releases from acts such as Red VelvetNCT 127Seohyun, and NCT Dream within only the first two months of the year, it appears that SM Entertainment is definitely determined to make 2017 their year. 2016 was a year of trial and triumph for the company, especially with the introduction of their weekly project SM Station. It’s expected that they want to ride on last year’s momentum, and nothing says momentum like a release from one of the company’s top stars, Taeyeon, who’s returned with “I Got Love” as she gears up for the release of her upcoming album!

Going into this song, I didn’t know what to expect, even after watching the two teasers that were uploaded prior to the MV’s release. One of the easiest things to notice about “I Got Love” is how much darker it is than Taeyeon’s past releases, with “Why” and “Starlight” being much more bright and poppy. Similar to the former, “I Got Love” is slightly EDM-influenced, though there’s a definite element of jazz incorporated into the song. Said element of jazz comes in the form of a short, almost eerie beat drop following each iteration of the song’s chorus. Taeyeon’s rather airy vocals this time around add along to the sultry aura of the song and pair very well with the song’s instrumental.

There isn’t much to say about the lyrics to “I Got Love” other than the fact that they’re just as sensual, if not more, as the MV lets on. The premise of the song deals with the intoxication the protagonist feels when it comes to her love interest, something that isn’t particularly too new in a general context. Nevertheless, I was a little surprised by the lyrics to “I Got Love”, especially when it came to the song’s beginning verse and bridge:

Seduction is easy
That common way to spend this night
We’re a little too special to spend it that way for sure
Yeah, hold on, the magic, the desire, they whisper closely
It’s alright, honey
The darkness is deep
It will hide the secret
I want to go where it leads us

There’s a sense of playfulness within the lyrics that is slightly buried underneath the sensuality of the song, and it personally made me enjoy the song just a little more.

The pre-release’s accompanying music video is nothing short of glitz, glamor, and also glitter. On the surface, the MV’s visuals may seem superficial, but they definitely capitalize on the seduction factor with bold makeup, diamonds, and alluring contact lenses. The overall aesthetic of the MV is very sleek and bold, which is most embodied by Taeyeon’s outfits. Between bedecked earrings, a large choker, and fishnet leggings, one of my personal favorite ensembles would have to be the purple jacket Taeyeon couples with a pair of silver boots as she sings and sways in a room full of mirrors. There’s also the fact that she’s sporting dark hair, and if you, the readers, are anything like me, a dark-haired Taeyeon is always a good Taeyeon.

The sensuality of “I Got Love” is far from overdone, and Taeyeon seems to fit right in with the concept introduced in the MV. Despite being the first song of fully mature nature that she’s dealt with as a solo artist, “I Got Love” was extremely well done, and I’m excited to see what other material Taeyeon’s been working on for her album!

Rating: 3.5/5

(YouTube, KpopViral, Images via SM Entertainment)