In the midst of looking back on releases during 2016, we’ve talked about albums, but never spoke about our favorite songs of last year. These are the songs we found ourselves keeping on repeat from the moment it was released or getting that feel good vibe when it comes up on shuffle and you can’t help but to belt out the lyrics.

Think you may know us by our choices? Take a guess at our picks before looking at the list below.

Camiele: Dean — “Bonnie & Clyde”
Chelsea: Day6 — “Blood”
Brianna: WJSN — “Bebe”
Dawn: Mino (Winner) — “Body”
Gaya: Luna (f(x)) — “Keep on Doin'”
Jennifer: Taemin (Shinee) — “Press Your Number”
Karen: Giriboy — “Let’s Drink”
LeeshaB.A.P — “Confession”
Lorenza: Amber (f(x)) x Ksuke — “Breathe Again”
MadiMamamoo — “You Are the Best”
Mark: Unicorn — “I Need You Tonight”
Pat: Vixx — “Six Feet Under”
Sarah: Block B — “Toy”
Qing: Suga (BTS) — “First Love”

What is your favorite song from 2016?