Hello, and welcome to another edition of The SB Mixtape.

We are more than half-way through 2016, and while the next six months have a lot for us to look forward to — music-wise –, there is still a lot of already-released music to appreciate.

So, for this mixtape, I present to you a selection of non-promoted tracks from 2016’s releases, so far. And when I say non-promoted, I mean it: every effort has been made to avoid even the secondary song that many acts perform on comeback week. So while Luna‘s “Keep On Doing” and AOA‘s “10 Seconds” didn’t make the cut, there is still “Galaxy” and “Crazy Boy” to enjoy, among others.

2016 K-pop B-sides, Part 1 from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.


What have been your favourite B-sides from the first half of this year? Let us know in the comments below!