20151017_seoulbeats_bigbang_gdragon_madeinla_johnelleHello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

In a couple of hours, Big Bang will be performing the final show of their MADE tour in Seoul. In honour of the occasion, Big Bang has teamed up with V App to livestream the concert today — and they are spoiling us.

In addition to a multicam capturing the whole concert, there are individual cams for each member. Members of The Band Six, who provide live music for Big Bang’s concerts, will also be Periscoping throughout the night.

You can watch the livestream on your phone or desktop. Be sure to also share your thoughts on the concert (and tour) with us! You can read accounts from SB writers who attended the tour here (and my thoughts on their Melbourne stop are here).

This is my first time livestreaming a concert; how about you? Have you ever set up a livestream for others? What was that like? Let us know in the comments below!

(PeriscopeV App. Images via: YG Entertainment, Johnelle)