20151225_seoulbeats_snsd_tiffany_yuri_vogiegirlMerry Christmas, readers! Here is your festive week update:

Serious News

  • Saneuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung has apologised for comparing an African exchange student’s face colour to that of coal. The comment was made during a charity event, where coal was delivered to ‘basic livelihood benefits recipients’.
  • Public schools in the state of California, USA, will be taught about institutionalised sexual slavery through the history of comfort women. It will be part of the syllabus from 2017.
  • Paternity testing has determined that there is a 99.99% probability that Kim Hyun-joong is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s child.
  • SNSD‘s Tiffany has been accused of making shadeist remarks about Yuri‘s skintone in an instagram post. All the members were denoted by princess emojis in different skintones and hair colours, with ‘black pearl’ Yuri’s emoji having the darkest skin.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • ’90s group Turbo has dropped a new album, titled . Check out the MV for single “Again” here!
  • iKon is back in town with the second half of Welcome BackWhat did you think of “What’s Wrong?” and “Dumb and Dumber”?
  • N-Sonic‘s J.Heart has made his solo debut with “Stay Up All Night.”
  • Christmas release time! Brown Eyed Girls maknae Ga-in has released a festive single album.
  • DSP girl group April released “Snowman.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20151225_seoulbeats_shinhwa_hyesung_mwaveStarship Entertainment singer Jooyoung has enlisted. This news came shortly after the release of “Love Line” with Hyorin and Bumkey.
  • Produce 101 has been busy uploading introductory videos of each trainee on the show’s official channels. I have a feeling that I will be watching all of them: will you be joining me?
  • Got7‘s Jr has been cast in his first film role. He will play the lead in Nunbal.
  • Eric Nam and Spica have left B2M Entertainment and signed on with CJ E&M Music Business Unit.
  • tvN is planning on remaking US TV series The Good Wife. As long as they do right by Kalinda…
  • While his bandmates are otherwise occuped (see below), Shinhwa‘s Hye-sung is gearing up to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a soloist. He will be dropping a special album in January.
  • Dates and venues for Exo‘s February North American tour have been announced… Along with Lay‘s absence. The group’s sole remaining Chinese member has schedules in China during that time.
  • Teen Top will be making a comeback in January.

Other News

  • As already mentioned, iKon got caught up in another fan war over colours; this time, Shinhwa members themselves entered the fray.
  • South Korea is one of two markets where Star Wars: The Force Awakens has failed to top the box office. The blockbuster was beat by The Himalayas in Korea and a local remake of Miss Granny in Vietnam.

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