Welcome back to Seoulbeats’ Week in Review! Here are some of the happenings this week that you may have missed:


  • The Korean student who went missing in Turkey, allegedly to join ISIS, is now suspected to have died.
  • Korea can finally celebrate, as the final MERS patient has successfully recovered. Kudos to all the healthcare workers who worked tirelessly.


  • 20151001_aileeVocal powerhouse Ailee has returned with her first full-length album Vivid and a stunning MV for title track “Mind Your Own Business.”
  • Got7 is back with “If You Do” and mini-album Mad, with some impressive and tricky choreography.
  • Lovelyz dropped the MV for the cute “Ah-Choo,” featuring a cameo from Infinite‘s Hoya. Member Ji-soo rejoins the team after almost a year of hiatus.
  • iKon‘s debut is real as they released their remaining two MVs for “Airplane” and “Rhythm Ta,” as well as their half album Welcome Back. Well, as if we didn’t expect B.I. and Bobby to be the main highlight of the MVs.
  • 24K is back with the colourful and energetic “Super Fly.”


  • 20151001_seoulbeats_taeyeonBallad singer Lee Seung-hwan dropped a MV teaser for “Everything Is Pretty,” featuring Girlfriend.
  • Junsu will be back on October 19 for a fall comeback. Yes!
  • Taeyeon will be dropping her solo debut album I on October 7 and has teased fans with a number of concept pictorials.
  • 2Bic gave our ears a treat with an album preview for their upcoming mini-album Return 2Bic.
  • Duo Homme dropped a teaser for “No More Cry.”
  • Indie fans can rejoice, as 10cm started a 10-day countdown to their comeback.
  • BtoB confirmed their fall comeback with I Mean on October 12.
  • Melody Day will be back with “Speed Up” on October 7.
  • BigFlo dropped a MV teaser for “Obliviate.”
  • Oh My Girl released their image teaser for “Closer,” to be released on October 8.
  • High school drama Sassy, Go Go will start airing on October 5, starring A Pink‘s Eunji, Lee Won-geun, Ji-soo, and VIXX‘s N.


  • 20120720_seoulbeats_browneyedgirlsYoona became the last of the Girls’ Generation members to join Instagram.
  • Adolescent noona-killer Yeo Jin-goo also opened an Instagram account, time to follow!
  • The remaining members of Brown Eyed Girls have joined Ga-in at APOP Entertainment, which explains how they managed to band together for their upcoming comeback.
  • Sohee joined hands with Key East Entertainment.
  • Seems like sasaeng fans got antsy over the Chuseok weekend, as both Yonghwa and Jo In-sung reported cases of fans breaking into their houses.
  • ARMYs are in an uproar over how TGM organized BTS‘ American tour with multiple issues including insufficient venue capacity, posters running out during the fan-sign, and members being shouted at for interacting with fans.

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