Welcome back to this installment of Seoulbeats’ Week in Review! Here are some of the happenings this week that you may have missed:


  • 20150821_seoulbeats_southkoreaSouth Korea first detected a small rocket that was fired by North Korea, towards the western province of Gyeong-gi. South Korea’s military then retaliated by firing back another missile. It is believed that North Korea fired a shot to destroy a South Korean loudspeaker near the border, that was used to blare propaganda messages over the border after the recent landmines attack.
  • Luhan and SM have failed to reach a compromise, as SM refused to budge on its contract length and profit distribution terms, citing that it would be unfair to the other EXO members. The next showdown is set for September 11.
  • Bae Yong-joon filed a lawsuit against netizens who left malicious comments regarding his wedding.
  • YG and Seung-ri have sued a reporter, for libel and defamation. Seung-ri’s case involves his speeding accident, which the reporter used to hint at possibilities or drink-driving, and YG’s case concerns various drug rumours.
  • Another lawsuit in the mix — JYP is suing MV director Han Sa-min for one-sidedly cutting off 2pm‘s MV filming schedule, causing major disruptions to their comeback schedule.


  • 20150821_seoulbeats_snsd_girlsgenerationSG Wannabe is back with “Good Memories” and “Love You”, both MVs featuring a connected story line.
  • SNSD is back with their full-length album Lion Heart, accompanying the album release with a retro MV for “Lion Heart”, and a badass MV for “You Think”. The group immediately went to top charts upon release
  • Hyuna makes her comeback with A+, and a revealing and sexy MV for “Because I’m the Best”, featuring BTOB‘s Ilhoon.
  • Former Nine Muses leader, Sera, has dropped a MV for “Look”. The group themselves also delivered a self-directed MV for “Yes Or No” to their fans.
  • Vixx‘s first subunit, Vixx LR, has dropped their debut album alongside emotional title track “Beautiful Liar”.
  • After joining AOMG, Simon D is back with “(Won) ₩ & Only”, featuring Jay Park himself.
  • Juniel drops a pensive MV for “Sorry”, featuring an appearance from labelmate Jong-hoon.
  • JJCC has returned as 7 members, releasing the MV for “Where You At” and album Ackmong.


  • 20150821_seoulbeats_kimwoobin_suzyShinhwa‘s Junjin has released his solo comeback date for September 7.
  • Lyn will also be making her comeback soon, as she releases a MV teaser for “Let Me The Only One”.
  • Ladies’ Code will be holding a memorial concert on August 22nd, where they will perform their new song “I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts”. Its official release is set for September 7, to commemorate a full year after the unfortunate incident.
  • DSP‘s new girl group on the block, April, has released their debut teaser for “Dream Candy”, as well as the album preview for Dreaming.
  • New girl group myB teases for their debut “My Oh My”.
  • Kim Woo-bin and Suzy will be headlining a romance drama in 2016, working title “Lightly, Ardently”. It has been 2 years since either has stepped foot on the small screen, and this will be Kim’s first leading drama role.
  • Fantagio‘s new boy group Astro will be starring alongside Kim Sae-ron for a web-drama To Be Continued.


  • 20150821_seoulbeats_superjunior_kimkibumCrayon Pop got into a car accident on the 20th, where their vehicle was rear-ended by a bus. Luckily, there were no serious injuries and they were discharged.
  • Ex-Suju member Kim Ki-bum has officially left SM Entertainment, as his contract with the company ended on the 18th. He has been on hiatus with Super Junior for 6 years and will likely continue pursuing his acting career.
  • The court has ruled in favour of the film Assassination, which was earlier accused of plagiarizing a novel released in 2003.
  • CN Blue‘s Jong-hyun and Gong Seung-yoon will be leaving We Got Married. Who will be the next couple to replace them?
  • Another relationship goes bust. Super Junior’s Shindong is no longer dating model Kang Shi-nae. The two previously confirmed their relationship in April 2014.
  • Want to have a sleepover with G-Dragon? Your chance is here! G-dragon has joined hands with Airbnb to invite five lucky applicants to spend two night at his Dukyang studio, featuring a meal at the famous YG cafeteria as well. Contest ends on 29th August.

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