Welcome back to this installment of Seoulbeats’ Week in Review! Here are some of the happenings this week that you may have missed:


  • 20150710_seoulbeats_goyoungwookVeteran actress Han Kyung-sun suffered a stroke due to cerebral infarction, has passed away. Our condolences are with her family and friends. RIP.
  • Former Roo’ra member Go Young-wook was released from prison earlier today. He served two and a half years for assaulting minors, and he will have to wear an electronic anklet for the next few years.
  • Prosecution is demanding for a two-year jail term for rapper E-Sens, who was recently arrested for illegal drugs use.
  • Comedian Ra Yoon-kyung recently made headlines for her alleged altercation against a couple of school parents, who were concerned about the bullying that was going on at their children’s elementary school.


  • 20150707_seoulbeats_SNSD2Kim Tae-woo released the the MV for his second title track “Resemblance”.
  • K-pop queens Girls’ Generation is back with a fun and sexy MV for “Party”, which immediately achieved an all-kill.
  • Girl’s Day returned with a catchy summer track “Ring My Bell”.
  • Crush dropped the groovy track “Oasis”, featuring Zico.
  • Eluphant collaborated with the lovely Soyu for a refreshing single “Only When You’re Bored”.
  • Mad Clown worked with Monsta X‘s Joo-heon to drop “Get Low”.
  • Poten (previously 4Ten) has regrouped as a 5-member group to release “Go Easy”.


  • 20150710_seoulbeats_superjuniorLeessang will be making a long-awaited comeback with “Kaleidoscope” on the 14th, after a 3-year hiatus.
  • Super Junior will be back with Devil on the 16th, but before that, they already dropped a hilariously awkward video teaser, complete with rogue animals and dropped pants.
  • Beast also dropped a comeback teaser, which doesn’t have much other than a bunch of numbers.
  • Infinite released an incredibly high-tech 360 degrees teaser for their upcoming comeback “Bad”, as well as the album preview for Reality. Fans will have to wait til the 13th to see the real deal.
  • After the girl group comeback frenzy, it’s time for the guys to duke it out. We will also be seeing more of Got7 as they release a teaser for “Just Right”.
  • Kara‘s Hara is teasing us with her impending solo debut with a teaser for “Choco Chip Cookies”, to be released on the 14th, along with her album Alohara.
  • A Pink will be back with Pink Memory on the 16th, with a teaser released for “Remember”.
  • Tao has released a teaser on his Weibo, hinting at possible solo work. We’ll have to wait til the 13th to know more.
  • Stellar has released a rather racy teaser image for their “Vibrato” release on the 20th.
  • Sonamoo will also be returning with “Cushion”.
  • Yoo Jae-suk and Yoo Hee-yeol will be coming together to host a jtBC variety show, starting in August.


  • 20150710_seoulbeats_tara_jiyeon_leedonggunRunning Man cast member Song Ji-hyo will be leaving C-Jes Entertainment after 4 years, and it’s also reported that she already broke up with the agency CEO two years ago. Hope for the Monday Couple?
  • BTOB‘s Il-hoon and A Pink‘s Bomi have filmed their last episode for Weekly Idol. They have been co-hosting a segment for two years, and it’s no surprise they left with tears in their eyes.
  • Girl’s Day got embroiled in a controversy when their guest appearance on popular internet broadcast KoonTV, where they were rude and disrespectful to the host. They appeared on the show for a second time to give their official apology.
  • TVXQ‘s Changmin will be following in the footsteps of teammate Yunho, enlisting in the military by the end of the year.
  • JYP’s survival audition programme has finally come to an end, with nine members for Twice selected — Na-yeon, Jung-yeon, Momo, Sana, Ji-hyo, Mina, Da-hyun, Chae-young, and Tzuyu. Their debut it slated to be within the year.
  • Baek Ah-yeon takes her first music show win with “Shouldn’t Have”, which was released over a month ago. What an underdog win against heavy-hitters.
  • Tara‘s Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun confirm that they are currently in a loving relationship. Congratulations!
  • Actress Park Han-byul broke up with Jung Eun-woo after seven months of dating.
  • Se7en will be setting up his own agency, Eleven9. Guess 7-Eleven is already taken.
  • Sonamoo has opened up their official Instagram. Follow them!

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