Welcome to this month’s edition of OST Roundup! Specially for May, I have encountered a happy problem: So many great OSTs, how do I even begin to shortlist?

So a whole slew of dramas premiered in May — Orange Marmalade, Warm and Cozy, The Producers, just to name a few. And to match the star power of the cast in The Producers, it seems that the staff are also pulling out the big guns for the OST. Within the first two weeks of airing, the top-notch OST album, featuring industry veterans such as Kim Yeon-woo, Ali, Baek Ji-young and Lee Seung-chul, already dropped, and together with the big-name cameos, The Producers is indeed doing all it can to make its mark.

Yoon Mi-rae‘s “I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say”, Who Are You – School 2015 OST

Why do Yoon Mi-rae’s OST releases ever not become a digital success? The singer-rapper is back with yet another OST hit, and it never fails to amaze how all-rounded she is with regards to her vocal skills. She’s incredibly badass when she’s wearing her rapper hat, but somehow she still manages to effortlessly tone down her intensity and show us something us vulnerable as this.

Check out Tiger JK‘s collaboration with Jinsil for another School OST “Reset”.


Younha‘s “Pray”, Who Are You – School 2015 OST

I’ve really been enjoying the soundtracks for Angry Mom and School, just because they are much more relatable and slice-of-life with the everyday theme of family, friends and loneliness. “Pray” is a really simple and moving song, talking about how one prays for comfort for a friend, and it ties in perfectly well with the emotion rollercoaster that is high school, with students, who, in the moment, feel like everything is bigger than life itself.

Lee Seung-chul’s “Darling”, Producer OST

This is another breezy single from Lee. He’s made somewhat of a niche for himself in springy love ballads. Not surprisingly, his smooth voice swiftly puts the listeners at ease in a dreamy state, and it’s a great alternative to the usual melodramatic OST releases.


IU‘s “Heart”, The Producers OST

Even if IU’s acting ability is debatable to a certain extent, her skills as a singer are undeniable. “Heart” was written, composed and produced by IU herself, and it achieved an all-kill right upon its releases. The stripped-down acoustic track makes room for her voice to shine beautifully, and the harmonizing is simply fantastic to listen.

Hm, will we get to see Kim Soo-hyun do his singing thing, too?


Solji‘s (EXID) “Love Sweet”, The Producers OST

Yay, more Solji! It’s really wonderful to see Solji work her way into people’s hearts and earning the public’s recognition since her fabulous performance in Mask King. Honestly, the best thing about EXID’s rise to fame is probably the unveiling of the vocal gem that is their lead vocalist. She has a distinct vocal colour to her, and her amazing control and range makes her one to watch in the coming years.

Hyorin‘s “Closer”, Warm And Cozy OST

“Closer” is a look at Hyorin the vocalist instead of Hyorin the diva. We’re all aware of how able she is when it comes to hitting those big notes while pulling off the most incredible dance moves, but we often overlook her biggest asset — her unique husky voice. It’s times like this, when all visuals are taken away, that we can truly appreciate her vocal tone for what it is, and I hope she continues participating actively in the OST scene.

Jelly Cookie‘s “Excuse Me”, Girl Who See Smells OST

For all who have searched far and wide for the ridiculously catchy “Jeo-ki-yo” tune, look no further. Smells finally released this flirty track during its last weeks of airing, and it’s a relief that listeners have more than just one minute of the song to loop over and over again. Listen to this song once if you haven’t, and you’re bound to have it stuck in your head.