Another week has flown by with performances galore! AOA, BTS, Sistar, and Teen Top all had their comebacks, making for exciting stages. KBS Music Bank also held its annual half-year special, bringing back some favorites of this year.

Despite wrapping up their promotions, EXO and Big Bang continued snagging music show awards. This is quite an impressive feat considering that neither of the groups performed. Congrats to both and the best of luck to everyone else vying for awards in the upcoming week.

There were a lot of notable performances this week, but alas, only a select few made my list. As always, feel free to share your favorite stages in the comments below.

“It’s Summer,” 2BiC, Arirang Simply K-pop, June 25, 2015


I love this airy, bright tune. It conjures up images of luaus, romance on the beach, and carefree island life. This duo holds a special place in my heart because of their rich, warm vocals. They don’t get as much exposure as their younger counterparts, so I’m happy to see them on this show.

“Dope,” BTS, Mnet M Countdown, June 25, 2015


What’s better than a group comeback? A follow-up comeback! BTS returned with this brassy song that includes some of their best choreography to date. It was difficult choosing a single performance by this powerhouse group, but this one showcased each member best. While the camera work leaves me dizzy at times, BTS’s ability to unleash killer dance moves overcomes that.

“Don’t Be Such a Baby,” Sistar feat. Giriboy, MBC Music Core, June 27, 2015


Although some hail Sistar as the queens of summer music, I prefer the sultrier side of this group. It’s easy to forget what good vocalists they are underneath colorful costumes and booty-shaking numbers. That’s why this stage stood out for me. It reminds me that Sistar isn’t just some flashy pop group, and they know how to class it up from time to time.

“Um Oh Ah Yeh,” Mamamoo, MBC Music Core, June 27, 2015


We go from classy to sassy with Mamamoo’s stage. Their previous jazzy songs have garnered them a lot of praise as stand-outs, so this vibrant direction into pop is a refreshing change. A friend of mine pointed out Hwasa‘s attire, wondering why she was the only one in shorts. I said, “That means she’s about to kill it.” Well, was I wrong about her?

“Ah-Ah,” Teen Top, SBS Inkigayo, June 28, 2015


Teen Top is another group known for their energetic choreography. Their performances are so electrifying that it’s only fitting for them to have a Grease-style stage. Kudos to the camera crew for highlighting the intricacies of their footwork. Even though their dance looks tiring to do, I’ll never grow weary of watching them.

Those were my selections for the week! Which ones did you enjoy recently?

(YouTube [1][2][3][4], Image via MBC)