This week gave us another member for the First Win club: Teen Top‘s Niel. He gained his first trophy on Music Bank, which was followed by another on Music Core. Congrats to him!

This week also featured comeback stages from VIXX, Rainbow, and Shinhwa. VIXX poured on the aegyo for their song “Love Equation,” while Rainbow and Shinhwa turned up the heat with their performances. Sadly, I can only choose a select few for my favorites, but feel free to comment on who excited you the most this week!

“Sniper,” Shinhwa, Mnet M Countdown, February 26, 2015


Well, what can I say about this performance? This group shows us they can still hold their own among the newer generation of idols. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been around because Shinhwa knows how to get down to business. The sexy whistling in the background adds an extra layer of deliciousness to this sweet tune.

“Beautiful,” Amber, Mnet M Countdown, February 26, 2015


Title songs are great and all, but sometimes it’s the secondary title song that truly showcases an artist’s skills. Amber sings with such purity that it’s almost heartbreaking to realize how much her talents are overlooked in f(x). Bonus points for being able to do her own rap break in the song as well. Not a lot of soloists can boast about that.

“Lovekiller,” Niel, Mnet M Countdown, February 26, 2015


Niel truly feels himself in this performance. If you don’t believe me, fast forward to 2:06 on the video. You can then wallow in your feelings as he proceeds to melt your brain with his charisma. By the way, I hold zero accountability for such an occurrence. That fault lies with Niel and the cameramen. They conspired to destroy fan hearts together.

“Black Swan,” Rainbow, Mnet M Countdown, February 26, 2015


I didn’t mean to pick a lot of M Countdown stages; they just happened to be my favorites. How could I not choose this performance by Rainbow when they look like the wicked handmaidens for the evil queen in a fairy tale? The broken mirror effects also added an element of mystery and drama that fit the song. Everything comes together for a sensual stage that truly shows off the best side of Rainbow.

“Just,” Zion.T and Crush, Arirang Simply K-pop, February 27, 2015


The title says it all. It’s just Zion.T. It’s just Crush. It’s just Zion.T and Crush on the same stage together. It’s just — bliss. These two sound perfect as a unit and have granted us one of the best fulfilled wishes in K-pop. From Zion.T’s first note to Crush’s silky vocals, it’s a smooth duet that will turn you into a puddle of butter.

That sums up all of my favorite performances for the week, but I want to extend an honorable mention to a group that almost made the list. Rubber Soul caught my attention for reminding me of ’90s R&B girl group SWV with their song “Life.” Yes, I see the “A” word happening from the neck up, but try to ignore that atrocious mess and focus on their singing and dancing instead. They have real talent that shouldn’t be overlooked simply because their stylist was either bored or angry with them. Give them a chance.

What were your favorite performances of the past week? Share them below!

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