20150205_seoulbeats_amberBoom! SM Entertainment drops another teaser, and whom could it be for?

F(x)’s Amber!

The teasers are quirky and colorful, in true f(x) spirit, with a little Amber thrown into the mix. Sporting googly eyes and Lego, this release looks like it’s going to be a whirlwind of fun.

Her mini-album Beautiful drops on February 16, following through on SM’s promise of a mid-February debut. The title track will apparently feature Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, possibly teasing for her upcoming solo debut, too. Even better, it has been said that Amber has been directly involved in the creation of her mini-album, penning the lyrics for five of her songs.

 With growing popularity pushing her into the spotlight due to her ongoing stint on the variety show, Real Men, and these awesome teaser images, Amber is fully set for her solo debut. So, who’s excited?

(Naver, Images Via SM Entertainment)