20150121_seoulbeats_kim young kwang.jpg2NE1’s Sandara Park will soon make her drama debut in a Korean-Chinese web series, Dr. Mo Clinic! Not only that, she will be playing the leading lady! Acting opposite of her will be none other than Pinocchio’s Kim Young-kwang. Young-kwang will play a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis, and Dara will be his 4-D office assistant. Although they can see the pain others carry and help them, it’s difficult for them to recognize and treat their own emotional wounds. Both have been burned by love in the past, and they can’t seem to move on. Lee So-dam (Dara) uses her long hair and a mask to hide her face whenever a difficult situation arises. The quirky character should be perfect for Dara who’s already known for her offbeat personality.

Dara told interviewers,
Since it’s my first time acting, I would like to grow by learning step by step. I think it’s pretty valuable to be able to meet with fans around the world online through the new genre of web drama. I think it’s interesting that the character is so similar to me, and although I’m nervous and feel pressured, I would like to work hard and concentrate.

The series will begin filming at the start of February and will be broadcast through Naver’s TV Cast and Youku in March. Kwon Hyun-chan, who co-produced dramas such as Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity, will be directing the series.

(MWave, Star News, Images via Etude, Andew)