It finally happened! After weeks of promotions with “Up & Down,” EXID gained a triple crown victory with three music show wins. Their first one happened during a special airing of M! Countdown that focused on groups that persevered through hardships to gain popularity. At the end of the special, the girls were surprised with the trophy in their dance practice room, where they gleefully performed their winning song. Congrats to them!

On another thank-the-K-pop-gods note, Shinee‘s Jonghyun made his long-awaited solo debut with “Crazy.” Also joining the comeback train was Mad Clown with his single “Fire.” There were a number of impressive stages, but some stood out more than others. If you’re curious about who they were, check out my picks for this week’s best music show performances.

“The Winter’s Tale,” BtoB, Arirang Simply K-pop, January 8, 2015


Somewhere in the icy confines of my grinchy heart lies a fangirl who loves her some aegyo — when done properly. BtoB brings us a lighthearted performance laden with it but avoids the cringe factor by maintaining their vocal integrity. They are one of those groups I frequently forget has talented singers until I come across songs like this. Their winter attire combined with the falling snow gives us a festive stage that warms the heart during chilly times.

“Baechu Bossam,” Pungdeng-E, Arirang Simply K-pop, January 8, 2015


Maybe it’s the funky overalls, or it could even be the oversized name tags. Whatever the case may be, this trio is pure fun. They have the quirky qualities of Orange Caramel with Crayon Pop‘s explosive energy. It reminds me of “We Like to Party” by The Vengaboys on some level actually, and I wouldn’t mind partying with this group at all.

“Up & Down,” EXID, SBS Inkigayo, January 11, 2015


Want to know what victory after years of hard work looks like? Just watch this performance to see why EXID is quickly gaining more fans. Their strong vocals and sharp raps over a jazzy pop track make for an upbeat tune that would inspire anyone to dance. Knowing how much their fan service boosted their popularity, the group adds more of it to their stages, which is never a bad thing.

“Crazy,” Jonghyun, MBC Music Core, January 10, 2015


Look at him. Look. At. HIM! He’s bathed in heavenly light for crying out loud! At any moment during this performance, one expects Jonghyun to sprout wings and fly across the audience. This is a warning to all Blingers: He is sinfully divine here. We’re talking a LOT of direct eye contact combined with lip biting and gratuitous finger-combing of the hair. You’re welcome.

“Just a Moment,” Mamamoo, KBS Immortal Song 2, January 10, 2015


Yes, most of us here at Seoulbeats are Mamamoo fans. But can you blame us after watching this? I felt like doing backflips after this spirited cover of Joo Hyun-mi‘s classic song. From their soulful acapella to their fiery harmonization, they set the stage ablaze in a way most girl groups don’t. It’s no surprise that the audience voted them the best out of all the performances on this episode.

These are just a few of my favorites, but perhaps you had some of your own. Please share them in the comments!

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