Hello readers, and a happy Sunday to you all!

Vixx will be in the US this month for two solo concerts: one in Chicago on the 22nd, and the other New York City on the 23rd. And, in exciting news, Seoulbeats will be interviewing the group in NYC!

This isn’t the first time we’ve met the Vixx: we interviewed the group in 2012 at the first ever KCON (where we also met with B.A.P and Nu’est). A lot has changed since our last meeting, and there is so much more to ask.


We’ve been asking our followers on social media to suggest questions to ask Vixx in our interview, and are now offering our readers the same opportunity right here. We welcome you to leave your questions for Vixx in the comments; we hope to use as many as possible, so ask away!

If a question pops into your head while you’re away from the site, you can send it to us via our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

We’re accepting questions until Friday the 8th of November; have fun!

(Jellyfish Entertainment, Musicenkor)