20140711_seoulbeats_Liar_Game_Nam_Da_JungLiar Game is shaping up to be a sentimental and psychological adventure. There is never a dull moment while anticipating what outfit or color of lipstick Jamie will sport next, off of what building Ha Woo-jin will be dangled, and what unexpected act of altruism Nam Da-jung will show in front of a crowd of enemies.

Have your say!

– Is it just me or did episodes five and six do an amazing job of playing on the human condition?

– Do we support Nam Da-jung and her “niceness”? Or is she far too gullible?

Kang Do-young: Antagonist with an agenda?

– Did anyone else get irritated when it was revealed that Jamie was pitting everyone against Nam Da-jung?

– Is Jo Dal-goo the nicest creditor ever seen in a K-drama or what?! Possible ulterior motives?

Let’s hope for yet another set of puzzling episodes and games!

(Images via tvN)