You say you a Tough Cookie? That ain’t ‘nuf for me

More like a tryhard rookie, now don’t you see

You’re nothing but a lame and a faker,

A shock value instigator,

A cultural appropriator,

A feminist agitator,

A swag impersonator,

And a GD imitator

G20130525_seoulbeats_cl_badgirlot him down so good, swear you was a dead ringer

Jellin’ on him worse than even Hana jelled on Zinger

Any dummy knows not to eat cookies while wearing grills

But I like your style, let’s not make mountains out of mole hills

Hit my girl Bom up and ask her for some quick pills

Play nice and maybe you’ll get a featuring like Don Mills


What’s so bad about the The Baddest Female?

20131003_seoulbeats_block b_zicoA K-pop flop and soon an overseas fail

Call yourself a rapper but you’re nothing but a snake’s head

Got you on a leash and doing tricks, now learn to play dead

Lapping all you idol rappers, you think this is easy?

Accusation of imitation, this from the female GD?

Culture vulture and swag sellout, you think that I see not

Whatever it is you do with Diplo and Jeremy Scott?

20141108_seoulbeats_zicogrillWe’re barking up the same tree, what more can I say?

Eating idols like you for breakfast, how else to start my day?

Think netizens or tsunamis can even get in my way?

Sued my company and still I made it, did someone say JYJ?


Talking to the queen bee, you better get your manners right

Dealing with the i-nets, you better get your banners right

Homophobic slurs are only gonna keep people up at night

Get some better PR if you ever wanna step up a flight.


G I Z to the I B E, puppet on a string for Papa YG

B L O to the C K B, bunch of bad boys with BBCs

You’re not even the baddest on your team, #freeMinzy

Nor’s you the baddest female to try the US, #teamAilee

20130908_seoulbeats_gdragon17G-Dragon (cameo):

What do you call a rapper who leans on his fangirls for success?

Who relies on concepts and eyeliner in order to impress

Playing to the underground but still an idol nonetheless

Go and borrow my image, but tell them that you learned it from the best

And all this CL is the baddest, I don’t even wanna hear it

Acting like “The Baddest Female” isn’t “One of a Kind” with new lyrics

Take my swag and run with it, this was the gift I gave you

Take a class on modesty and don’t forget who it was that made you


Who won? Who’s next? You Decide!

(Images via YG Entertainment, Seven Seasons)