• Anonymous

    Lovely article, it’s important to educate people about their mistake/ignorance instead of jumping on them with repeated attacks because that will go nowhere. Everything will just lead to frustration causing more problems in the end. I think Block B was careless in trying to show how much of a “non-idol” they are. Sure their idols but their also human beings with a mind and there is certain actions we must take in different situations. Fooling around when asking serious questions, especially when you’re in the country, is not proper decorum.

    Do I think the tweets from other idols is necessary? No, but they are allowed to voice their opinion too.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

      They might consider themselves non-idols, but respect is not something anyone can do away with. And with other idols weighing in on what happened, you come to realize that maybe they’re not exactly well-liked in the industry. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    Nichkhun, out of everyone, had all the right in the world to speak up about the issue. It hit him as a Thai citizen, as well as a sunbae to a rookie group that behaved so inappropriately.

    • http://twitter.com/arigatomida jesse

      question, when he tweeted this, didn’t he know his followers would attack block b? So he wanted Block B to be attacked?

      • http://twitter.com/iaminimee minimeeka

        No one knows what will happen in the future, but we should know what we should do. As I am Thai, Block B deserves this. 

        • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy Jean

          Block B does merit discipline and correction for their behavior but the death threats, harassment to family members and friends who weren’t involved? Those are NEVER okay.

          • Anonymous

            Thai people never want someone to die. The dead thread and whatsoever is nothing related to this issue and to us. It’s the consequences from their mistakes…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

        Maybe, or maybe not. I’d go for him just genuinely feeling offended by their actions and tweeting as soon he could.

      • Anonymous

        I’m Thai. What’s wrong with Khun tweeting about that? He’s Thai after all. If he didn’t do anything and let other people insult Thailand, i would be mad. The conseqences isn’t something Nichkhun can control. It’s Block B’s fault after all.

  • Anonymous

    And if anyone was wondering 7000 won is equivalent to $6… I’ve seen articles about this controversial topic before and all I can say is it was totally disrespectful, especially to me being a Thai myself and knowing friends of friends or relatives that have been affected by the flood. Yes they’ve apologized, but they’re behaviour during the interview just really ticked me off. They were acting like clowns during a sensitive topic about the flood. Their hardcore fans are going to defend them by saying that that they’re supposed to act like gorillas and go around with their silly antics because that’s who they are and that’s their image… Excuse my language, but that’s total bull****. When you come to another country and are insensitive to an emotional devastation like that, you need to be ashamed of yourself. I know they’ve done some things to apologize and I do recognize their efforts, but that kind of behaviour shouldn’t have been used in the first place. If they wanted to really apologize, maybe they should do it publicly on the news or something and promise to donate a decent amount to the flood victims. I’m sorry, some of you might tell me to forgive them already and say “They’ve already apologized! What else can they do?” but their unthoughtful behaviour of speaking about giving only $6 to the charities for the flood victims just really hit me, especially being affected by it. If some of you don’t know, they also pulled a lot of other stupid shit during the interview, but I won’t touch that as to not anger Block B fans even more with my comment. That’s my 2 cents, or should I say, 7000 won, on this news…

    • Anonymous

      What I understood from this whole ordeal is that Zico and BB members didn’t have much money to give considering the ridiculously low salary the artists received, which was later highlighted by Dongho’s tweet. But what made it look offensive was their body language during the whole interview, as they were literally acting like clowns.

      And they have a shitty sense of humor. 

      I’m sorry about what happened to your friends and relatives ;/

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      Block B didn’t say they would give just $6, they were laughing because the guy asked how much he had at that moment and he said 6. And so everyone laughed because he is broke…. they weren’t laughing at Thai people but Zico’s situation…

      But it is true they joked/laughed at the wrong moment, were rude and weren’t polite.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    They clearly messed up, but the apologized, so what’s done is done. Now lets just move on.
    I think all the idols besides Nickhun really didn’t need to comment. It’s none of their business, also for the people who feel like the need to criticize Block-B like no tomorrow are being just as bad.”He who is self-righteous throw the first stone.”
    Anyone here self-righteous? Nope didn’t think so…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=775601179 Sabrina Tedjopranoto

      I believe you might have confused self-righteous with righteous? Self-righteous people are convinced that they are right in their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour and that other people are wrong, whereas righteous people behave or live in a way that is morally good.

      • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

        thanks I appreciate it

  • http://twitter.com/palomastainier Paloma Stainier

    I see another problem: the translation. Everywhere I look, what the boys said is different. Here, Kyung asked Zico how much money he was gonna donate, and most other places, he asked: “How much money do you have ?”. I don’t speak fluent korean, neither does anybody that I know, so I just don’t know what was said anymore, and that has a huge influence on the meaning of Zico’s answer. If Kyung asked him how much he has, I interpret it as how much money he has with him at the moment, not how much he was going to donate. All of the guys donate monthly, and they already said that they would donate more if their income was bigger. 

    However, of course, if he really was talking about how much he was going to donate to Thailand, I fully agree with this article :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    Interviewer: “What separates you from other Korean hip-hop artists?”
    Zico: “If you look at hip-hop artists, they’re very ugly. But we feel confident in our technical abilities.”

    Yeah, they’re “different” alright. So professional. Just like their owner.

  • http://twitter.com/arigatomida jesse

    I thought there was a problem with the translation. From what I heard, when Zico responded 7000 won, he was referring to how much money he had at the time.

  • http://twitter.com/Hellen_th Thitima

    Very well written article. I agree with everything you said.

  • Anonymous

    1. Thank you Gil for this wonderful article. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    2. I am Thai and I am proud of Nichkhun. I am proud to have him as a fellow Thai. I am proud of the love that he has for this country. I am proud of the way he defended the honor of this country with maturity and grace. 

    3. I was upset with Block B. Yes, their behaviors and attitudes were downright inappropriate, but I honestly do not wish for nothing more than for the boys to use this situation and learn from it. We all make mistakes, nobody’s perfect. What’s more important than to bash Block B or Nichkhun or 2PM or any other idols to no end is for everyone to learn from it, for Block B to acknowledge and learn from their mistakes and show that they are not just a bunch of young silly boys, but a group of young men who can learn and grow. 

    4. I believe that those idols (Junho, Chansung, Eli and Dongho) has every right to express their feelings (whichever way they feel about it be it agree or disagree with Block B’s behavior) after all “We” (the fans, anyone who have voice their opinions about this issues and yes myself included) all have an opinion about this and we have exercise our rights to voice out our thoughts so those idols should be able to do the same, should they wish to do so. And those who said that the other idols besides Nichkhun should have stayed quite well aren’t you being a hypocrite? if “you” (and I assume that many of “you” are neither Thai nor Korean nor an idol themselves) then “you” also are in no position to tell those idols what they can/can’t, should/shouldn’t do. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      Yes, everyone can voice their opinion, but call others name I don’t think is being voicing a opinion but just being rude. DongHo didn’t voice a opinion, he was rude.

      • Anonymous

        I do remember Khun’s tweet about the Japan disaster and yes his tweet was ambiguous and perhaps didn’t come out the way he intended it be and of course many people voiced out their opinion on that and he later deleted that tweet and apologized for the mistake.

        He made a mistake and he learned from it. Regarding the Block B controversy Nichkhun later tweeted asking fans not to wish for anyone (Block B) to die, but rather hoping that they would learn from their mistake just like he did from his. 

        The point being we all made mistakes. You, me, Nichkhun, Block B boys and everyone else on earth. If your reasoning that Nichkhun shouldn’t have  meddle in this because he did make mistakes himself then well I’m sure no one and I literary mean no one on earth could ever express their opinion (including you) because I don’t believe that you have never made any mistake in your life either.

        As for the other idols voicing their opinion (yes I believe that it’s them voicing their opinion rather than calling names/offending others like you believe) Well, aren’t you being “rude” yourself then? for calling out Dongho? Dongho voiced out his opinion on the issue and you called him rude, but you yourself are calling him out just the same. Are you not? 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      Actually about Nichkun tweet, for me there is no problem he voicing his opinion about his country. But thing is he himself not long ago also made a comment that didn’t make japanese people happy… he said a thoughtless comment to people who had just lost all in the eartquake… so I don’t think it was right of him meddle in this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

    Some elementary thought process would have saved the fiasco. 

    I don’t know if it’s due to carelessness, and I don’t really care, but one can still be an exciting person with an amazing personality without having to cross the dumbass-line.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFOLAJLXYHOCHDRFCSECACDGFI Lisuh-chan

    I read an article about this yesterday and I do agree that Block B was in the wrong this time. I don’t follow their music or keep an eye on them, but even if they keep pushing the fact that they are not like other idols and are straying away from the stereotype, being respectful and serious at the time appropriate does not have anything to do with being an idol or not being one. It is just manners and politeness, something most people should have regardless of who they are. Even if they are trying to break the stereotype, there’s not another specific title that they will have in the music industry, they are really the idols/celebrities that they try to not want to be. I guess they just have to take time to learn that no matter how much they want to stand out, they have to fit in during certain situations. They have to know that people are now looking up to and judging their very actions through what can be seen (cameras, interviews, pictures, actions), if they are seen as disrespectful and inconsiderate, that is the image that they are putting out to the world. There are times where a person can have fun and joke around, but there are times where things have to be taken seriously as well.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

      “…But even if they keep pushing the fact that they are not like other idols and are straying away from the stereotype, being respectful and serious at the time appropriate does not have anything to do with being an idol or not being one. It is just manners and politeness, something most people should have regardless of who they are.”

  • Anonymous

    Oh Nichkhun… I still can’t forget your insightful earthquake analogy. It was truly something else (/sarcasm).

    I liked Chansung’s response though. It was balanced. And I think Dongho’s tweet was supposedly indented to minimize the damage, although it might have come across as a bit insensitive.

    Interesting you mentioned C.A.P; I don’t remember at that time he said that idols tweeting their feelings on the domestic violence issue. I know that Mr. Earthquakes=My Messy Bedroom said this because he’s Thai, and it’s perfectly normal for him to be upset (and Mr. Anti-Gays Junho and Chansung were, well, supporting their mate I guess), but then also Tiger JK butted in? Lol. Congratulations Block B, what a true mess you did this time. That was really something.
    And how come idols tend to ignore whenever another fellow casts a hurtful racist, homophobic or sexist comment; yet, when a bunch of immature Block B members joke on their poor charity attempts, everybody is suddenly bashing them? Seriously?

    Anyway, Block B’s behavior was immature and insensitive, and I’m glad it caused such an emotional response from idols themselves (regardless of some of these idols’ past remarks), because it’s about time someone scolds these kids. I watched some of episodes of that variety show with Block B and B1A4 and I remember how immature and misbehaved some of these guys came across to me. I hope they’ve learned their lesson this time.



    P.S. – Your article was very good. 

    • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

      Amen to that final remark!

  • http://twitter.com/BBMayMay May

    I got a bad feeling from them before they even debuted because they were created by Cho PD. However, I did put all my prejudices away and tried to like the group for what they are but this made me feel so dissapointed…
    Im with khun!

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    I fully agree with this article.
    If anything at least Block B will learn from it and that’s important, honesty I’ve always been so annoyed by their attitude that I never gave them too much of a chance, they needed to learn that there is a line and it shouldn’t be crossed; respect and manners are very important. There are plenty of other groups that are just as fun as Block B but they also have a good attitude and good manners, so I’m glad to see that Block B will probably be learning from this and are rethinking their attitude now. They’ll learn a good lesson in the long run; people do need to stop hating though, it’s clear that they’ve realised their mistake and are in the process of learning a very harsh lesson.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you guys haven’t written an article on on Jenny Hyun’s racist comments, I mean if you want to talk about controversial…

    they’re immature kids, most of them are still in high school yet they have people screaming for their disbandment and deaths -.- like you said, this kind of talk gets us no where, if anything it just makes the problem even worse. I think it’s one thing for Khun to make a comment on how dissapointed he is, it’s another to have HOTTESTs and the like doing the same, mostly because what Khun wrote was respectable while most of the comments of the fans that are “just trying to protect” Khun are blowing this issue up to new extremes.

    they did apologies though, we should give them a second chance even if we’re disappointed in their actions, cause I mean, they are still kids who need to grow and telling them to go die just shows how immature some of human kind is -.-

    btw, I hadn’t known about the apology for the blackface skit, I’m glad we were able to reach them in a mature manner

    • Anonymous

      It was considered — but we decided that it didn’t really have that much to do with K-pop to warrant a full-blown article. Aside from the fact that yes, she was a songwriter that has penned some music for SNSD and Chocolat, there’s more to her identity than that. Jenny Hyun does not equal SNSD, nor does she represent K-pop.

      Jenny Hyun is Jenny Hyun. Her tweets themselves had nothing to do with K-pop (if they had, that would be a different story), although many netizens took it personally as if she were giving SNSD a bad name. (If say Snoop Dogg or Will.i.am made a racist tweet, would they be making headlines on K-pop sites as well?)

      That’s just our thought process, if anyone was wondering. We did consider it interesting enough occurrence for Amy to have mentioned it briefly in this past weekend’s Sunday Seoulcial.

      – Fannie

  • Anonymous

    I don’t listen to BlockB, but I do think the netizen reaction is way over the top on this.  Seriously.  I’ve seen calls for them to kill themselves, disbandment, etc.  It’s one thing to register your discontent by voicing your dislike of what was said/done by these young boys, it’s another to turn into a complete raving lunatic over it.  Everyone’s said or done something really stupid in their life and we should all count ourselves lucky we aren’t held up to public scrutiny for it like this. 

    Was it inappropriate?  Hell yeah it was. 
    Do they deserve to be told to kill themselves and be threatened over this?  Absolutely not and anyone that thinks they do seriously needs to seek some professional help.

    /Remains convinced that most “netizens” are misery merchants and like to make a stink over anything.

  • Anonymous

    Those kids sitting on the table… and putting your butt to the camera is never okay regardless of where you’re at or where you’re from imo. More than anyone I felt bad for the translator because I’m sure she had a hard time when they kept having side conversations the whole time they were being interviewed and someone was talking.

    I hope they learn from this because their actions were much ruder and insensitive than their possibly misinterpreted words tbh.

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      That’s the thing, whether or not they had even mentioned the Thailand issue, they’re behaviour was so inappropriate for an interview, there is a time and place for trolling, and no matter even if any sensitive issues were raised or not, just their behaviour alone is enough to be disappointed by them.

  • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy Jean

    The article was well written. Thank you, Gil,

    However, I am very upset at the fact the translation of the interview mentioned concerning the donations is not the right one. This is a quote from one of many sources:

    The interviewer asked if they knew about the floods so the members acted surprised.


    Zico said, “Of course we know. We were only pretending we didn’t… it’s just for reactions.” 


    He continued, “A lot of
    families must have been affected by the floods. We hope they emotionally
    recover through our financial aid… because all we have is money.”


    Another member asked, “How much do you have now?”


    Zico replied, “7000 won.”

    He never said he’d give 7000 won or that the Thai victims should only be given that much. He just said that that was all he had. Kyung chuckled at that and that was pretty much the end of the story.

    Their behavior was obviously atrocious but this translation issue has been stuck in my craw for the LONGEST of time. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people are saying Zico would actually give them 7000 won.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    i like block b when they debuted and i think their trolling was hilarious. 
    but this interview was very rude. right from the start, they messed around and honestly it wasn’t funny.

    khun had every right to express his thoughts and he did it in a nice way too. he is thai, so why shouldn’t he be able to express concern for his country?

    while i think we should forgive block b, let’s hope they learned to think before they act. there’s a line between professionalism and just plain rudeness. 

    im glad they apologize (but what does shaving your head have to do with anything zico??)

    • Anonymous

      I know in ancient Japan, a man shaving his hair was considered a sincere way to apologize, because the hair was related to a man’s virility and the samurai honor, so shaving your head was kinda like a self-humiliating act. Over the time it became a symbolic act.

      I have no idea if this is the same in Korea, or even in Thailand, but I suppose it was Zico’s intention…? Nevertheless, I appreciated their long individual apologies. I don’t remember the last time an offensive idol apologized the way they did.

  • H Lee

    I love Block B’s music and crazy attitudes, but this was a bit much and plain insensitive. Glad they apologized and hope they don’t repeat this kind of mistake again. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get how being “different” & “unique” from the rest of Kpop Idols equates to them being given free reign to act like they own the place and can do what they like. Last time I checked being polite & courteous is the basics to conducting any interview. It’s called being humble and appreciating the fact that people have given you time to get yourself/name out there. There is a time & place for everything & clearly they need to learn that. 

  • Anonymous

    7,000 won…that’s twice less than the amount of pocket money I got per week in high school while at Korea -_-

  • Anonymous

    To those who think that Nichkhun/Chansung/ Junho shouldn’t tweet.
    This accountability is a double-edged sword. If all eyes are upon Nichkhun, through his social media profile, then what he is silent about is just as important as what he chooses to share. I believe this is one of the main reasons why Nichkhun is so vocal about the travesties in Japan, Philippines, and Thailand; if he did not speak up when he had access to such a visible bulletin (and to the fans residing in the countries who read it), then his silence could easily be construed as apathy, disregard, arrogance, and ignorance. Could JYP and 2PM afford to have its poster child of propriety act like an obtuse, self-absorbed diva, only tweeting about his new kicks and how badass he looked in such-and-such photoshoot?

    I believe Nichkhun and his ever watchful management are too intelligent to have him tweet about Block B as if it was spurred by a careless act of momentary anger. The carefully-crafted, accompanying tweets from Junho and Chansung are indicative of that. Most likely, the behavior of Block B in the interview was jarring enough that Nichkhun felt that he had to make a statement as a public figure, as his silence would have been unfavorable to his role as the unofficial ambassador of Hallyu to the Thai people. Further, Junho’s and Chansung’s tweets were meticulously inserted to shield Nichkhun from the us-them mentality that would have undoubtedly caught on fire due to the non-Korean heritage of the originator…not to mention the cultural differences between the two countries.
    from tumblr

  • http://twitter.com/ButtonChaser Kat

    Thank you so much for writing such an unbiased and thorough article about the controversy. Yes, we need to remember that idols are human beings too, capable of error and making mistakes (and I’m very sure Block B has learned from all of this).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6BA3H7RNT3FIHGZ6SY4BBGUDI a

    well done.

  • Anonymous

    celebrities, or not, everyone has the right to voice their thoughts on their personal blogs and twitter. but being a celebrity does bring about more impact and consequences to those tweets. i feel like the kpop entertainment business is so small that finding a way to contact a certain star when you’re one yourself, shouldn’t be too hard from a few phone calls away. maybe personally contacting said person and expressing your disappointment would be a better way to go. 

    however, i do understand why nichkun and his fellow members, seeing their close connection with thailand, decided to take to twitter. but with more people like dongho jumping into the foray seemed unnecessary. would he make that dig to block b if he were to see them in person? i think not. and if he couldn’t say something like that to their faces, he certainty should have stayed away from the mess. 

    they’ve already apologized and i hope no more idols feels the need to bring the issue up again. i just don’t understand the need of a group of people jumping in to hit the person even harder on the head when they’re already down. although a completely different case, it makes me think of when a bunch of SM artists banded together to cyber-bully junsu because of his tweet. people become more confident sitting behind their computer screens. and that can be a bad thing. 

  • Anonymous

    BlockB is going for the “We’re not idols, we’re real hip hop group but want idol benefits” That is why they are messed up. Sad to know that they and and their management failed to realise that they can’t have both at the same time. LOL

  • http://twitter.com/YunTiHa YunTi Ha

    I’ve only recently started to pay attention to Block B, and I must say that I very much enjoy watching their performances. They really have great stage presence. It’s a shame that they lack professionalism.

    I won’t go as far to say that I hate them because of their behavior in that interview, but I do believe that they should take some time off to reflect on their behavior. I know they have sincerely apologized, but the Korean population and netizens are not that easy to please. 

    I see that they feel really bad about what they did, but in a way its too late to feel bad about what they have already done. They should have been more considerate and more professional in the interview. But whats done it already done and a simple written apology is not going to make people forgive them. I don’t think people should go as far to tell them to disband or even give them death threats, that’s just going to far. But for Block B to continue to be active, they are just asking for criticisms. Personally, I think now is a good time to halt their activities, take time off to reflect on their behavior and learn to be more professional and respectful. Then when they do make a comeback, they will be able to show that they are better and have learned from their past mistakes. Take Jaebum for example, he returned to Seattle for a while and when he did return to Korea, he was once again popular and accepted by the Korean fans and netizens.

    Their mistakes are going to stay with them no matter what but if they are going to continue being active all the criticism will not slow down. I would give it some time and another scandal would soon replace this one. People are not forgiving but they are forgetful, no matter how wrong they were, they are only human and deserve another chance.

    As for other idols commenting on this incident, I don’t think its a bad thing. They are after all only human and they have the rights to express their opinion, like all of. The only difference is that they are public figures and their posts are read by millions of netizens that like to criticize idols for their smallest of actions…

  • Anonymous

    Lovely ending I must say.

    Now, I am a fan of Block B and am constantly amused by their ‘trolling’. That being said, they were way out of line, and basically everything that Gil addressed. What was the overkill for me was other idols using their Twitters to indirectly attack what Block B said. The first reason that instantly came to my mind was fanwars. I’m not sure if there actually were, but there could have certainly been some that looked something like this:
    And okay, that was a bit exaggerated but you get the idea.

    The next thing that came into my mind was “Now this is just awkward”. People don’t like being told that they were wrong, and the chances of the idols who said something about the issue actually meeting with Block B in the future is quite possible. I remember reading something where it said something along the lines of “A sure way of making enemies is by saying that they are wrong”. This doesn’t affect the fans or myself in any real way, but you would think that it would be easier for these idols to just contain their anger on twitter, and there would be no extra harm done.I think this is a good experience for Block B to learn from because they still are a rookie group and they will definitely be more cautious from now on.

    • Anonymous

      I still don’t know what the purpose of going on twitter was? If he (Nickhun) truly wanted them to change and learn from it, I would think he would get more personal and sent a text or something.  A letter or a phone call or something. Anyone could have guessed that a tweet from him would just incites more drama. I didn’t even know who they (Block B) were before this.

      I ask because I don’t know, when nickhun made his remark did any Japanese celebrity get on twitter and call him out? While I think twitter was hardly the place, I understand his anger and where he was coming from. My problem began when this whole thing led to death threats and suicide talk.

      I blame the people in charge of these boys. Because they seem like boys to me, mentally if not physically. They should have had a sit down with them to let them know that a serious interview in another country is never the time to be unprofessional. If was a fun/jokey type interview or environment that’s a different discussion. But I think interview training should be apart of idol training.

      I blame the boys for not knowing better. Its common sense you never joke about natural disasters, especially on t.v. You are guaranteed to cause a storm. I don’t care if you were wearing a monkey suit seconds before the question. The second it was asked it should have been answered seriously.

      I think the boys deserve a little backlash, but they are young, one can hope they learn and grow. But, perhaps, people are taking it too far wishing for their death and such. I hope they can overcome this and show their fans they deserve their support.

  • Anonymous

    Is it true that Zico used the N-word in one of his mixtapes? I’m just wondering, I read it somewhere, and since there are some Block B fans here I just wanted to see if it was true. That already put a bad taste in my mouth in regards to Block B and they lost my vote after that, but I just want to set all the facts straight. Hoping for this to just be anti-fan propaganda.
    Thanks to whoever clarifies.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he’s used it in a couple of tracks and they were cover of songs in which the original used the n-word, for example My Town by Birdman ft Drake and Lil Wayne. 

      I’m not going to deny the fact that he has used English expletives and the n-word in his songs and to the best of my knowledge it was only in the context of songs he covered. 

      Zico idolizes western rap artists and he doesn’t realize that they say stupid things too and thinks its cool to follow. 

  • Anonymous

    just watched the interview.  wow,  what a mess. i couldnt even believe these guys are kpop idols. block b was truly unprofessional.  acting like a bunch of douche bags before the interview, during the interview, and after the interview.  with all the training these idols do and YES, block b are idols whether they want to be or not, they are in need of some serious media interview training.

    when talking about a natural disaster,  stfu and take it seriously.  its not a time to joke around and laugh.  besides the death threats which isnt right, they deserve the backlash they are getting and hopefully they will learn the proper time to joke around and when to act like professionals.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=637557531 Hodan Hassan

      Clearly you’re new to BB because that’s just how they are. they goof of in every interview. their completely different to other idol groups, in the sense that they don’t act all perfect. people who just judge them from this one video and know nothing about them should should do some research on them before they just bash them. what they said was lost in translation. Zico was asked how much money he had which he answered 7,000 won, hence why the other members laughed cos he was trying to act all rich. he was never asked how much he donated…if he did, don’t you think the interview would have taken a different turn. 

      • Anonymous

        clearly you love to assume what im thinking.  point blank, they were rude and unprofessional.  anyone who watched the video saw that.  They are rookies doing an interview in another country NOT a bunch of grade school kids.  how about a little humility, manners, and common sense?  considering they are representing themselves as well as s.korea, it wasnt really a good time to “goof” around.  thats the point im making.  you however, are just making excuses. 

        ive done my “research” on this idol group and they have been criticized for being too carefree on many other occasions so this isnt the first incident. clowning around and goofing off has its place but this however wasnt one of them. you think they are different than other idol groups but they ARENT.  they train the same.  they go on variety shows and music programs the same.  they sing the same pop songs so saying they are different is nonsense.

        i never brought up the 7,000 won comment that zico said because what he said didnt irk me.  what did was taking the question or even the entire interview too lightly given the situation.

        hopefully block b learn from this…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ESWGOSGMTCBBNS2L2R4WEHNAM Soul

        Clearly you’re new to BB because that’s just how they are. they goof of in every interview. their completely different to other idol groups, in the sense that they don’t act all perfect.”

        so… u really want them to continue behave like that. unprofessional. rude. insensitive. i don’t think they should maintain this attitude. they should learn to behave and think rationally. nobody want to see them (or any other idols), showing their butts to the camera. yes, it is funny if it is in a reality programme but in an interview, they should be more professional.

      • http://twitter.com/Hellen_th Thitima

        Are you saying acting so rude like that is their natural selves? They don’t need to act rude to show that they are different. Block B fans can tolorate them but not the others.

        The fact that a member asked about how much money he had and Zico answered 7000 won was still during the time they talked about flood. May I ask you is it appropriate to joke among themselves while they were talking about natural disaster that killed many people? People won’t laught at their joke, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think there was anything wrong for nichkun and the other celebrities to tweet and speak up about the issue. block b was undeniably rude, and they should be called out on it.

    i do think that the netizens’ reactions and response has been too extreme though. while i will never be a hardcore fan of block b because personalities do matter for me and cho pd and block b’s personalities have always turned me off even before this incident, i do think they make catchy music and should be allowed to continue on in the industry.

    just another one of those lessons learnt kind of thing. i hope they will honestly learn from this and grow further as artists and people in the future. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Li/100003285911713 Jay Li

      Alright.  How about this hypothetical scenario:  Nichkun & group has a song with the words & some interviews where he says “Ni ga …” however, a Western celebrity just saw some cuts of it and wrote on his twitter that there is a Asian group saying the “N” word.  To make it worse, there are some scenes where they are being funny and trying something “Michael Jackson” in the same interview about the song.  The cuts of the video where he/they say “Ni ga” & the “funny Michael Jackson” scene are now spread all over the net and media as Nichkun & group being racially prejudiced punks.  No matter how much their fans try to explain that no that is not the case, no one wants to hear the truth.  Media would rather take the sensational route and continue playing these clips over and over again.

      Now, if that truly happened to your bias, would you still say the western celebrity had every right or would you say “he was just defending his people”?
      Don’t forget that everything celebrities speak out about often times becomes “news”.  Just giving you an example of why some people think he should have handled this in another way.

      • Anonymous

        well, if that was the case and someone really took clips from different interviews and pieced them together to wrongly induce an unfavourable response (in some ways similar to what is happening now with kbs and big bang) then i would of course be upset. because i do not stand for using the media for personal vendettas. but was that really what happened? did people make cuts of only the bad parts of their interview and spread it everywhere in order to make them look bad? because from the video i watched it showed the entire thai interview in its entirety, and left viewers to form their opinions themselves.

        and please, don’t play the bias card with me. as a fan of daesung’s i’ve went through all that with his accident, and i’m not one of those ‘my oppa can do no wrong’ type fans. i don’t blindly defend anyone, nor do i insist that they don’t have to apologise when it’s obvious they did something wrong. and i’ve seen the harm inaccurate reporting can cause. haters are still calling daesung a murderer for drunk driving when he was in fact not even drunk. my stand is – hate all you want, but at least do it being fully aware of all the facts, because doing anything else is just plain ignorant and stupid.

        and back to your hypothetical scenario, in your stated case i would be defending that asian band because obviously there was some manipulation from the media to sensationalize the news and get more views. but that is precisely that.i would be upset with the MEDIA. your western celebrity may have misunderstood the ‘ni ga’ words, but it was the media that pieced that together with mj clips they dug up to make it look bad so why would i be mad with the western celebrity?

        plus, the context is still entirely different. while i can say with your asian band that they were innocent and that everything was just one big misunderstanding, the truth of the matter is that the backlash and the cause of this whole hoohaa stems from the fact that block b was indeed rude to begin with and you cannot refute that fact. yes, it is sad and upsetting that the media took this and ran with it and made it into something bigger and uglier than it actually is, but i don’t think it’s far either for fans to hate on nickchun in order to try to distract attention and reprimands away from their beloved group. and i’m saying this not even as a hottest (that’s what they call themselves right?) i’m not a huge fan or hater of either group but end of the day all i wanna say is man up dude.

        god, that was long. i am never going to reply to replies anymore. haha:)

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Li/100003285911713 Jay Li

           Rollingpin, I understand your point of not blaming Nichkun but I was just trying to show you the power that celebrities have and how they can exacerbate a situation.  As to the hypothetical situation, notice I said in that same interview they joked around and did a “Michael Jackson” in the same interview.  The way I see the similarity is this:

          1.  Did anyone in the media mention that Block B donated the proceeds from their showcase in Thailand to help the Thai people?  No – this was never brought up.  (Donations made before the scandal)
          2.  Did they mention anything about the cash donations (more than 7$) they made previous to the scandal to help the Thai people?  No 
          3.  Did they mention about Group B member donating to good cause like Africa?  No
          4.  Did they mention the fact that just because you’re an idol, they may not necessary earn or have a lot of money.  Like whatever their earnings, they have to divide by 7.  On top of that, any idols that debut have to pay the company back for all the cost of training they received.  (This was brought up in Win Win episode with Beast in it)  Most likely, they are all carrying some type of debt that they need to pay back.

          So, for the media and netizens to focus on the 7k won comment only seems like a fitting analogy.  I am not saying that how they behaved was right.  Far from it.  With that said, this post is too long. :P  No more replying from me too.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the world needs to go blind to appreciate its beauty once it can no longer see such beauty.

  • Anonymous

    don’t think nichkhun had a right to speak about block b when he made that stupid analogy about japan last year. his comment was way worse and offensive than block b’s behavior during the interview. comparing human lives to furniture that can be easily thrown away? i felt really offended by it considering how i lost my friend in that earthquake. and he apologized through twitter but yet his news weren’t blown up in korean media neither did he shave his hair or eyebrows, or even make a video apology. wtf? totally UNFAIR. does people think a mere tweet can solved everything? no, cause i obviously still haven’t forgotten about his tweet yet. oh but korea doesn’t have a favorable opinion of japan, no wonder there was no shitstorm regarding khun’s japan tweet.

    and to people saying that nichkhun shouldn’t be blamed and that he was allowed to give his opinion, i agree to some extent since it is his country. but have you guys saw his recent tweets?

    “A leader is wise, a leader is calm, and a leader is kind! Seems like there is still a long way to go! =]”
    “@Peach_pachara: Grow up is what i need,but how?” You just need time and an open mind!”
    “If you don’t know exactly what I’m trying to say you should just keep quiet. I don’t hold anything against those boys.”

    sounds kind of smug, doesn’t he?

    and lmao, “those boys” – sounds kind of insulting… as though he’s looking down on them or viewing them as trash … or maybe it’s just me. -shrug-
    And Nichkhun telling people to keep quiet, lol, that’s what he should have done in the first place for making baseless assumptions on the content of the video. He should have had the full story + watched the entire video and not the cut off one before tweeting his response.

  • Anonymous

    oh and just wondering, did CAP get any death/suicide petitions since his comment targeted the whole female population? and where’s his video apology? so he makes a statement instead and he still gets to do activities with his group? wow, how nice. seems like everybody forgot about his comment considering how i still see fangirls swooning over his “good” looks on tumblr.

  • Anonymous

    i never like block b but i found the ganging up tweets really annoying. and it looks like they’re not liked by other idols. no surprise here for me anyway. i also dislike them a bit, blame their company for promoting them in a snob way. 

  • http://twitter.com/SjundeSara Sara Nilsson

    Honestly, the thing I find most disgusting about this whole mess is all the people who says that “Block B deserves this”. You honestly think they deserve death threats? That they should be under so much stress that one of the members had to be taken to the hospital? Seriously, what is wrong with you?

    Yes, they were rude and immature. Yes, they need to learn some proper manners. But that is just taking it to far.

  • chocoholic95

    What I don’t understand is why is Nichkhun criticizing Block B? Not too long ago he tweeted about the earthquake in Japan saying it’s only natural and compared it to something simple as rearranging a room. I actually took more offense to that than this Block B controversy. Nonetheless, both Thailand and Japan suffered from natural disasters, but did more suffered than the other? No, hundreds of family members are lost and thousands of homes have been destroyed. But comparing that suffering to something as simple rearranging furniture that can be changed by want to change or something as worthless as junk or furniture in your room, is just wrong. Block B, still did wrong but apology after apology, we get it, they apologized and know that they did wrong and even defend Nichkhun’s comment. They even went as far as posting a video and shaving the leader’s head. But all Nichkhun did was quickly responded with an apology tweet. There’s a difference in the apologizing department between these two.

  • apple886

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  • http://twitter.com/pinkeulove S

    I miss Block B. They deserve another chance. 

  • apple886

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OU2NDZ2M4F5WIOTT5ZR44PRLO4 Mikey

    i actually didn’t get what they did wrong until now. i thought the 7000 won comment was Kyung teasing Zico that he only had that much. not that they were going to donate 7000 won … i still love them though <3

    • Johanna Christensson

      Yeah I thought the same thing!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HLD3FXHT3VOY55L3JN6I2ML34U EunHye

    i don’t even understand why everyone is so offended. acting like white girls who get offended at everything. i though it was pretty funny. Block b are my niggas

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HLD3FXHT3VOY55L3JN6I2ML34U EunHye

    i don’t even understand why everyone is so offended. acting like white girls who get offended at everything. i though it was pretty funny. Block b are my niggas

  • Johanna Christensson

    Am I seriously the only one who actually don’t think this whole “incident” is so bad? If it weren’t for the fact that it’s all over internet I wouldn’t even have understood that what they said was inappropriate. To me it just looked like Zico misunderstood the whole question.

    Besides, at the end of the day 7000 won is better than nothing…

    However, I’ve always been really hard to offend so that could be why I never really reacted to whaty they said.

    • Johanna Christensson

      And I’m not even that much of a Block B fan, just saying