I’ve got 2NE1 problems but an itch ain’t one

Addiction leads to conviction, just ask the guy at Samsung

That is unless you’re famous or work for Papa YG

Ignorance until proven guilty, that goes for you and GD

Go ahead and tell your CEO to write you a novel

Amphetamines and plastic, that’s what makes you the smuggle-dol

A.KOR in the building, Pay Day coming to me and mine

Don’t Cry to your fan base, this is between You and I

Is you ever gonna answer back to these verbal attacks?

140228_seoulbeats_2NE1_BomWe’re playing heads up poker, stop it with the Blackjacks


Blackjacks, stand back, I’m bout to set this girl on Fire

Like my voice on the chorus, it’s getting turned up even higher

I Am the Best at what I do, Can’t Nobody hold me down

Haters say what they like, you’ll never see me frown

Who the hell is Kemy? Nevermind, I Don’t Care.

You messed with the wrong sunbae, it’s gonna get Ugly up in here

Nugu so bold, decided to gamble with her career

Playing with her house money while still wet behind the ears

20140810_seoulbeats_akor_kemyLearn to know your place and keep them lips tightly sealed

The only thing you’ll be known for is for retiring upon debut


Pick on my age and my station if it makes you feel taller

Call up your stylist, your fans, or even hit up Ben Baller

Letting others fight your battles does nothing for your defense

The more trash they talk the more I win over Koreans on the fence


This hoobae with no manners and no evidence to prove it

Why bring this on yourself, did your company make you do it?

20121010_seoulbeats_2NE1_bomTough talk for a buncha clones and mini-me’s

Where’d you learn to rap? School for CL wannabes?


Imitation is appreciation but trafficing is a punishable offense

Do the Right Thing or your jail time will commence


Got customs on my payroll, you know they love me cuz I mule

Got CL on my rhymes so you know they love me cuz I kill


Who won? Who’s next? You decide!

(Images via YG Entertainment, DOO Republic)