20140717_seoulbeats_IceBaby2Oh, Tiny-G, what’s happened to you? When you debuted, you were the tiny girls with attitude, and now… you’re dancing with pillows. The ball didn’t just drop here, it exploded.

The timing could not have been worse, either. After the reasonable success of last year’s quirky-cute yet mature “Miss You” and Dohee‘s role in the mega-hit Answer Me 1994, this was the comeback for the pixie-sized K-pop stars. Even with the loss of maknae and lead vocalist Myungji, a killer promotional cycle could make or break them.

At first listen, it really seems that “make” is the route du jour for the teensy trio. “Ice Baby” is a pleasant, mature ballad that lets J-Min, Dohee and Mint show off their vocal skills. A bit simple, a smidge repetitive, but overall a good song to launch a new career phase with. The downplayed instrumentals work excellently in conjunction with their voices. All three members have rather mature-sounding voices, and this was featured rather than hidden.

The lyrics, too, mesh with the more mature sound. “Ice Baby” is about how Tiny-G’s boyfriend(s) have turned cold, eventually dumping the ladies. What makes it noteworthy lyric-wise is that they take the time to berate their ex for being an ass, and then decide to move on. Given that most K-pop idols would mourn this relationship until the end of time, it’s nice to hear a group say “I don’t need this. Screw you, buddy.” A quick note to boy(friends): wooing a girl, making her fall for you, winning her heart completely, and then chucking it in the bin as soon as you decide sexy is better than cute, will land you in The Special Hell.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ7gfMVPXpM]

The MV is decent-to-good, for half the time, anyway. We get to see the shells the members’ relationships have disintegrated into. They all do a good job of acting, with Dohee and Mint standing out in particular. They look like any 19 or 20-year-old would at the end of a relationship. They’ve been around the block once or twice, but have enough life under their belt to deal appropriately. The sense of maturity present in the music and lyrics is definitely carried through in the drama half of the MV. The dance half, not so much.


Look, Tiny-G’s Costumer, I understand the struggle you face. It’s difficult as hell to find clothes for short people. Companies don’t make as many clothes for petite people anymore. No one should have to belt and hem size zero jeans. The struggle is; it’s real. But that is no reason to go to the children’s department in order to outfit your charges.

Tiny-G’s been made to look like kids. They appear twelve at the oldest. Someone saw this MV playing and told me it looked like a child molester’s wet dream. The fact that they are petite does not mean J-Min, Dohee and Mint should be infantilized. They’re women; they’re short. These facts are not mutually exclusive. Choreographer, I get your problems, too. One look at the pajamas fit for a 6-year-old, and your mature, elegant dance had to go. You did the best you could with what you had. Still, couldn’t you have fought against the childish wardrobe?

Overall, “Ice Baby” the song is a mature, pleasant break from the high-energy electronica currently ruling the K-pop scene. Too bad the wardrobe will prevent people from seeing it for what it is.

Song: 3/5

MV: 2/5

(Images via Loen Entetainment1TheK)