20140623_seoulbeats_taeyeon_baekhyunHow dare you?

How dare you use Instagram for anything other than fan worship or anything vaguely personal. Both of you sending little cute lovey-dovey messages to each other – that’s not what the fans paid for. Do you know how many fake accounts we had to wade through to find the right Instagram user? Without Twitter’s blue “verified” stamp, all our precious time and effort has been utterly belittled and ridiculed. I’m disgusted.

Taeyeon, you said that Taengstagram was for your fans. It’s right there on your profile! All of us have already memorized it, after giggling to ourselves a million times when we come across it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. We felt a rush of delight at every photo and word that you posted. We double-tapped with so much feeling, we even downloaded the Korean keyboard so we could comment ” ㅋㅋㅋ” for you. Can you hear our hurt, now that  we realize that 6 of your 589 posts weren’t actually meant for us? Your Instagram account is for us and us only, not for you to show you’re baek-over-heels in love with someone. Ugh.

We fans are frankly very mature  about relationships. Just in case you think that we’re upset and jealous of your relationship, that’s not the case at all. I would have wished you all the best. It’s our life goal that you be happy! What I do not appreciate is being tricked, being mocked, and being manipulated. That your relationship got the most backlash out of all the SNSD reveals, it is not our fault. You made it turn out this way. You and your lovely misleading square-shaped Instagram posts.

20140623_seoulbeats_taeyeon_baekhyun4Yes, you read that right. That 1:1 ratio is sacred and justifies every ounce of this fan uproar. Oh, you think you were so sly and cunning when posting these messages — a picture of a doll with “I like you. Can I like you?”, and another photo of Oreos, with the caption “Without fail, I’m once again going crazy because of you.” When we saw those, we really felt them, in our hearts, in our passionate Tae-loving hearts. It should have been for us SONEs, not your boyfriend!

Oh, and here’s the kicker. When you posted a picture of a fan gift with “Taeng kyung very mang ching (thank you very much),” did you not think we could figure it out? It must have felt so good to see us being kept in the dark — Taeng is your nickname while Kyung is Baek-hyun‘s nickname. Your OTP name has no right, no right to see the light of the day on a post that should be dedicated to us

“I just want to say something so that you can stop getting hurt at least one day earlier..about the things I post on Instagram, for which I had absolutely no such intentions. Things like, ‘I must have enjoyed posting such obvious pictures,’ and ‘I ridiculed the fans.’ There seems to be a lot of people who think this way so I wanted to let you know that was never my intention or goal.”

20140623_seoulbeats_taeyeon_baekhyun1Uhm, you call that an apology? Majority of the mistakes in the world were never intended to be mistakes. Just because you didn’t intend to ridicule us, it’s how we feel that’s what’s important. My feelings matter. Your intentions don’t.

Baek-hyun, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. The EXO fandom is still suffering from Kris‘ lawsuit, practically the biggest global crisis for us in 2014, and there you are having fun? Dating and kissing in a really nice car? Do you even care about your team? Does EXO even mean anything to you?

Don’t think we didn’t notice your Instagram profile (also memorized). You think you were so smart masquerading Taeyeon’s hangul  initials ‘ㅌ’ and ‘ㅇ’ as “ExO?” How did it manage to escape the attention of your incredibly attentive fans? All of the other members write it as “EXO,” what makes you think you can personalize it as a code for your girlfriend? EXO belongs to us. The name, the hand signs, the superpowers, Sehun’s ass. All ours.

20140623_seoulbeats_taeyeon_baekhyun2You’ve only debuted for two years and you’ve already gotten so complacent. When we organized the “This is the beginning!”  slogan event, it was a thoughtful act to support EXO after Kris’ departure. But evidently, you thought nothing of it. You even posted it with the caption “This is the beginning! For my dream! The trip for my dreams! Pikachu! This is the beginning!” After we realized Taeyeon had previously written on Instagram, “Fresh. This is my beginning now for my dream~ The trip for my dreams Pikachu,” it was like a knife in our hearts that we were fooled again. Never mind that she had written it months before. Time works differently on Exoplanet.

How can we believe anything you ever say or write again, especially when you promised with BLOOD, that you wouldn’t date until you’re 35 years old? Just 13 more years. Most of us would have been legal by then.

Again, we’re not against idol relationships in any way, we just detest being lied to. Using a communication tool meant for the fans alone to send cryptic messages to your lover is simply not fair. We trusted you and fawned over every single post, how do you think the fans feel to realize that those messages were not meant for them?

20140623_seoulbeats_myungsoo_lL, don’t think the fans have forgotten about you either; you’re guilty as well. When you tweeted messages such as “I like you more than anyone else!” “I don’t go out with anyone but you!”, the fans were all so touched by your sweetness and thoughtfulness. That is, until the fans realized that you intended that for Miss Chocolate, just because she expressed jealousy about your selca with a female actress.

The fans are not being immature or butthurt in any way. Ew, what does butthurt even mean? If you had been honest and respectable from the start, and didn’t try to misplace the fans’ trust in them, none of this would have ever happened. Not a peep. The trolls would have roasted s’mores and kept absolutely silent.

Why do you idols have to use social media to declare your love for each other? There are these apps called KakaoTalk or Line that you can download for free and no one can see. Why do you mix work and personal life? There is no such thing as a personal life when you’re an idol. Don’t misuse your most intimate line of interaction with their fans. We are the centre of your world, and we deserve to be. Sadly, you treat us as a joke. We’re miles away, yet we’re constantly refreshing that white circle, learning Korean to comment, just to show you our love. Just a little respect is all we ask.

Don’t blame us for being irrational. We’ve given love, time, and money. Without us, you are nowhere. Social media is the only thread we cling on to, to actually feel like we’re your friend. Why do you have to destroy this precious dream of ours?

(PannNaver, Instagram)