20120523_seoulbeats_crucial starAfter releasing “Winter Love Song” back in December 2013, hip-hop artist Crucial Star is back with “Three Things I Wanna Give You.” A jazzy love song that would fit in a film from the 1960s, Crucial Star’s comeback, with Sojin of Girl’s Day featuring, was a pleasant and spring-like track.

We are introduced to “Three Things I Wanna Give You” with a piano plays in a manner you would expect in a club back in the 1950s or 60s. As the vocals begin, acoustic instruments are also introduced: guitar, simple drums, and a flute. The use of off-beats adds to the peppy feel of the song. Even the use of electric guitar and bass don’t over power the acoustic nature. Additionally, it’s not jazzy without some brass. Softly-played trumpets and trombones are used to maintain the sounds of the jazz genre, without taking anything away from the lightness of the song. The song never gets too loud, and even though the general volume is low, it’s not boring or monotonous.

Having listened to Girl’s Day for awhile, Sojin’s voice was quite surprising. Sojin typically has a full and rich vocal, but in “Three Things I Wanna Give You,” they had an almost teenage feel to them, like you would find in Girl’s Days early cute songs. I understand she was trying to match the feel of the song, and Crucial Star’s voice, but it felt forced and false. Truthfully, I believe that someone like Lim Kim may have been a better fit, since she has the airy voice without reverting to a more youthful sound.

Although known as a rapper, Crucial Star didn’t mind adding his own vocals to the track. Light and airy, his vocal tone fits in with the song. He also showed that his voice quality isn’t half bad. Like his raps, Crucial Star’s singing is smooth and fluid. It has the ability to wash over you in a tender wave.

So what three things does Crucial Star want to give? A worn out diary, train ticket to the ocean, and a birthday first kiss. The song essentially longs for romance. Crucial Star pledges that he is different from other guys. He is not judging only outer appearances, and instead sees that she, as a whole, is a masterpiece. This also fits in with the MV, as he sings of the girl being like abstract art.


The MV is artistic with a retro feel. This retro feel is projected not just with the music, but also with a muted color effect and artwork. The artwork is simple and modern, much like shapes during the 1950s and 60s. The use of a rounded frame at certain parts puts the viewer in the role of the characters, as if we are behind the camera ourselves.

Oh, what fun is love at first sight and the awkwardness that goes along with first meeting someone? Set in an art gallery — which goes well with the lyrics – a boy follows around a girl with a camera. That’s not even the tiniest bit creepy. Of course, the girl knows he’s following her around, and their roles are reversed. With shy glances, following behind at a distance, and trying to get closer, the girl and boy are part of a cat-and-mouse game. The game between the two characters alludes to the game played when two people meet and try to make a romantic connection.

While some have complained about Sojin not being in the MV, I consider it a good thing. It is so easy for featured artists to overshadow the actual artist. Just think of how many fans show up for a performance and only cheer when their bias is on stage for 10 seconds. The lack of Sojin highlights that this is not a duet, but a simple featuring. Sojin may be the attraction for a group of listeners, but in the end, it’s still Crucial Star’s song.

Also, since the girl is the target, it would make sense to have her as the recipient of the singing. I see Crucial Star as the surrogate for the awkward fellow. He even has a backing band. Unable to do more than creep around, Crucial star is the male character’s voice. The girl however exudes confidence and poise, so she wouldn’t need someone else to voice her feelings. Crucial Star and the girl never actually sing toward each other, with Crucial Star even turning around when the camera is controlled by the girl, which shows that the connection is not between each other.

Overall, the song style is fit wells with Crucial Star’s flow. The MV was very well done and artistically unique.

MV/Song Rating: 4 out of 5

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