Lots of people expressed that they were watching “I Need Romance 3,” currently airing on tvN and starring Kim So-yeon and Sung Joon. This is your open thread for episodes 7 and 8, which aired on Monday and Tuesday.

I’ve only caught episode 7 myself, so I can speak for that episode:

– Shin Joo-yeon is quite a terrible friend, isn’t she? I understand her reasoning and logic behind not getting tangled in other people’s affairs and her steely, scary sense of independence, but that rejection of Lee Min-jung felt terrible to watch, as a female viewer.

– Don’t kill me please, but I feel slightly less crazy about the Sweet Potato couple now that Allen Joo has been revealed to be Joo Wan. Not crazy about the puppy love. It’s cute in doses, but right now it feels like overkill.

– Kang sunbae I’m not enjoying too much either. I don’t know how effective he’ll be as a male second lead if he’s firmly still in love with an ex.