The hashtag says it all. On the February 12th episode of MBC Music‘s Show! Champion, B.A.P received their first win since debut with “1004 (Angel).” Show! Champion typically shows viewers the Top 10 for the week, and from that, announces the winner or “Champion Song.” After the win, #BAP1STWIN was trending on Twitter, even hitting the top of Worldwide trends.


If you’re looking for some man tears, you’ll have to get your fill elsewhere. Some eyes look like they’re dangerously teary (Daehyun), but for the most part, the win and encore stage are filled with appreciative and happy smiles and tinges of disbelief during the speech.

This win is significant at a time when other idols from the same debut year, primarily Exo and VIXX, have already garnered their wins despite B.A.P having debuted a bit earlier and gotten a head start with their manic promotions. But perhaps it’s the first full album that’s the charm for male groups and is enough to mount enough fandom energy and sales for the win.

Also in the same day, and pretty close after their Show! Champion win, B.A.P nabbed an award at the Gaon Chart K-pop Awards for Discovery of the Year as the ‘World Rookie.’ Double congratulations to the group!

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