20131103_leeminho_kimwoobin_heirsHappy Sunday and Happy November!

As of late, Kim Woobin has been stealing Lee Minho‘s thunder as Heirs‘ Choi Young-do, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s the bad-boy second lead, which just makes fangirls extra weepy since he won’t get the girl.

(Funnily enough, Jung Yong-hwa, who was supposed to play a character in Heirs, dropped out and is now in second lead territory over at Mirae’s Choice. If he had played his cards right, he could’ve been alongside Park Shin-hye for the third time. Now he’s just can’t-get-the-girl over with Yoon Eun-hye instead.)

“Second Lead Syndrome” is a real thing, so this week we ask: who’s your favorite K-drama second lead and second OTP that-could-never-be?

(Photos via Top Star News, SBS)