Another week, another recap of the weekly shows, or rather, weekly specials! KBS Music Bank was canceled on Friday in favor of the Chuseok holiday. MBC aired their 2013 Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert, bringing back many performers from earlier in the year and some from even the year before. MBC Music Core aired a ‘K-pop Festival‘ instead of their normal show, also bringing back some earlier performers for the holiday. MBC also aired their Chuseok Special, I Am a Singer Classics Best 10, so don’t be too surprised if you see multiple performances from that. Kara took their first win for “Damaged Lady” on MBC‘s Show! Champion, and G-Dragon took the win on Mnet M! Countdown and SBS Inkigayo. My favorites from the week are below, but please comment with your own!


YB‘s “Flaming Sunset,” MBC I Am a Singer Classics Best 10, September 18, 2013

“Flaming Sunset” is a clear crowd-pleaser, bolstered by Yoon Do-hyun‘s strong vocals. Although he doesn’t do as many movements on stage — I think Noh Hong-chul does more facial expressions in a minute than he does all song — it fits the song perfectly well with just the right amount of vocal inflections. The song is upbeat and great to enjoy.


Insooni‘s “Father,” MBC I Am a Singer Classics Best 10, September 18, 2013

I think I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than keep this song off of the list. Insooni is a powerful performer and easily conveys the emotional aspect of the song.


Guckkasten‘s “Memories of a Drink,” MBC I Am a Singer Classics Best 10, September 18, 2013

Much like YB’s performance, the beat of “Memories of a Drink” makes it easy to clap along and become engaged in the song. I admit the inclusion of this performance is probably more for personal benefit: it’s not everyday that you see a Guckkasten performance on broadcast.


VIXX‘s cover of the Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot,” SBS Star Faceoff, September 20, 2013

I think it’s safe to say that WonderVIXX stole the spotlight at the Star Faceoff special. The five boys here threw themselves into their alter personas, coming off as really rather convincing girls in a lot of aspects. I don’t know if I should be impressed that Ravi still managed to throw in his name before rapping, but I am impressed at just how much Ken was able to shake it and immerse himself in the role. N and Hongbin were spectacular as well.


SHINee‘s “Dazzling Girl” + “Breaking News” + “Juliette” + “1000 Years, Always By Your Side” + “Boys Meet U” + “Dream Girl,” Fuji TV‘s United States of Odiaba 2013 Mezamashi Live, September 20, 2013

In case you were missing SHINee, here’s six songs from them, all in Japanese. Songs are listed in the order they’re performed, in case you prefer one over the other. Most of them were spot on, and I don’t regret devoting twenty-six minutes of my life to this at all.


Yang Dong-geun‘s cover of Nam Jin‘s “Nest,” KBS Immortal Song 2, September 21, 2013

YDG impressed with the way he was able to incorporate his usual hip-hop into the trot of Nam Jin. His voice has this dragging quality to it that can sound lazy, but he definitely worked it into the more upbeat genre, expertly interacting with the crowd to get them excited and create a party atmosphere.

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